4th May 2015, 23:25

Original poster here: the car now has 136k on the clock. I've had to replace the intake manifold gasket and the ignition module. The power antenna is giving up and the A/C has a leak finally. I drive it daily and it still purrs like a kitten. Truly a great car, and it still puts a smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel.

I still have that Cadillac bug. Just recently purchased a very low mileage 08 DTS for a bargain price. It's hard to drive anything else.

6th May 2015, 02:10

That's awesome! It's great to know that you're not the only person out there that loves these cars for what they are, and doesn't care what other people think about you driving them.

I have a 94 Fleetwood Bro with the LT1, and after 6 years of ownership and putting 30,000 miles on the Cad, very little has gone wrong with it. Just typical maintenance and wear and tear items, but nothing major has broke or failed on the car. I feel these were one of GM most reliable cars ever made in the day compared to their FWD junk. Plus parts are very cheap and easy to install.

I don't think I could ever part with it, knowing how well it runs, how heavy duty these Cads are, and just the sheer size of it really makes the newer Cadillacs look and seem inadequate. At least these Fleetwoods still used a full-frame for great road isolation and safety, real chrome metal bumpers, and front doors that feel like a bank vault. You feel like you're driving a quality car that is well constructed. Can't say that for many newer cars I've driven lately that feel like a giant plastic toy.

6th May 2015, 21:41

Original Poster in reply to May 6th:

I second that. The 08 DTS I recently purchased is a good car with a very strong and muscular sounding Northstar V8. It has a lot of nice modern features, but it's not as good a quality car as the old Fleetwood I drive daily. It feels and rides like a gussed up Toyota, AKA Lexus. It doesn't have that old solid quality Cadillac feel to it like the Fleetwood has. It doesn't ride as good or as quiet as the Fleetwood.

The Northstar engine is a very strong performer and sounds great, but it's a bit too noisy on the interior and very thirsty. Thankfully that version of the Northstar doesn't require the use of those silly stop leak tablets the earlier Northstars and HT series required.

I like the DTS very much, but not as much as the Fleetwood.

11th May 2015, 21:10

Yeah, I thought progress meant things were supposed to get better??