26th Nov 2014, 19:22

Is it possible to replace the lousy 4.1 liter with a nice 307 Oldsmobile V8, such as powered later Broughams?

27th Nov 2014, 14:15

It's possible and relatively easy to do. However since you are choosing Oldsmobile power, I'd recommend a 350 or 403 (preferably a 403 if you can find one). The 307 is another CAFE engine and is best suited in a 3600lb car i.e. Cutlass or Toronado. They are underpowered in large GM cars.

When GM redesigned their large cars in 1977, they all featured an engine either 5.7L or 6.6L (7.0L for Cadillac) with anywhere from 170hp-180hp and 275 lbs-320 lbs of torque. Those figures provide the best driving experience for these big cars.

27th Nov 2014, 16:23

Yes, but it involves a lot of work.

27th Nov 2014, 18:53

I wouldn't say it's easy. The computer, engine mount brackets, A/C and other accessories are all different. However I do agree that swapping a 307 for a 350 or 403 is a great idea, and much easier on the 86-89 models equipped with the 307.

The best thing to do with the 82-85 models is stay away from them.

30th Nov 2014, 04:23

The HT-4100 has a storied past. If yours is still alive and kicking, it has likely been replaced by a re-engineered replacement. The original is not likely to have made it this far.

6th Jun 2015, 23:29

Yes, but what would be the point of that, considering that you could just go out and buy a Brougham already equipped with the 307 and be done with it?

The cost and time of such an engine swap ensure that it wouldn't be logical to keep the car vs buying a newer Brougham model.

8th Jun 2015, 03:01

Or better yet, buy a 91-92 Brougham with either the Chevy TBI 305 or 350. Both of those engines are far superior in every way compared to that weak Olds 307, or weak and troublesome HT4100.

11th Jun 2015, 16:51

I've heard that there are some aftermarket chips and components that can actually make the V8-6-4 work if you install them.