11th Feb 2017, 10:56

I posted this initial review quite a few years ago. Would love to buy it back if anyone knows of its current existence. Sold for much more than I paid for it back then. The guy I sold it to got 10k not many years later. Then lost track. Hopefully it's been kept garaged. I'm now willing to pay much more than that to get it back. That's how it works sometimes.

The thoughts of who once rode in this car during its initial government service still intrigues me even today. This black Fleetwood limo had very clean understated lines. I had very good family memories with it. Everybody in my family got a real kick riding in the back. Seeing my grandmother smiling shortly before she died will always stick with me. I drove her all over in her home town. Even just simple errands. Parking at metered parking took some maneuvering. She was thrilled. I didn't pay much at all at the time for the car, but it was still very exciting for her. She had a real blast enjoying the nice ride. I saw a video clip not long ago of Jim Morrison from the Doors once riding in one quite similar. Was very cool to see.

I had really no issues with the car. Smooth, quiet and very cold air. Very heavy solid car. It was in mint condition. The radio override on the rear passenger area divided window still stands out. And the flip down jump seats. The ports on the rear fenders were cool. It wasn't at all thrifty on fuel with the massive V8, but who cares.

Some of my friends said you can't keep every cool car you once owned, but at least you had them even for a short while. Sometimes I take the thought for granted. You often hear people at car shows regretting selling or missing out on a great car opportunity that arose. This is one of the tops for me. And yet very little was spent to buy it. Now everyone has caught on with collector status cars. It was different then. Prices are driven way up on desirable models. I am glad to have been able to buy various ones, especially throughout the 70s-80s period, which are now almost untouchable to buy today. Took some stepping up over time to keep at it. But it's been fun. This is one I am glad I definitely didn't pass up on. Some may say it's impractical or not necessary. Or they need to bank every penny for retirement. But you miss out on quality of life not spending some of it. If you do it right, you get it back anyway. Like this car experience.