2nd Apr 2006, 08:07

Well, I've just realised a lifetime dream and imported a 1978 Fleetwood Limousine from Las Vegas into New Zealand at great cost. I had to fight with people from all over the world for eighteen months before I was successful in a purchase. We love your old Caddies! It's all original in tidy condition with 95000 on the clock. Buying sight unseen was scary (3 photos), but this Caddy has not disappointed even at almost 30 years old.

I had to fit a new battery and make minor repairs to door panel controls on the driver's door. She starts and runs fine and then drives down the road like the queen she is. I cannot fault this car in any way. I take it to the supermarket and use two parks (just for fun), parallel park in our small town main street (have to use the mirrors and shop windows to assist), and then drive away again with an audience as people here are just gob-smacked by such an immense vehicle.

I've had the car in four major car displays and it draws more attention than top dollar classics and modifieds. It was pimped a bit when new so that helps with the 'wow' factor.

The 425 engine has ample power and just glides up to 60mph, you are there before you realise that you've accelerated, will climb our steep hill roads effortlessly in top gear, negotiating very tight twisty turns with just a little extra care. Economy appears to be about 10 mpg imperial, which would be maybe 12 of yours.

Anyway, it's sad in a way as we're experiencing the end of the behemoth era and no smaller car can get anywhere near the sheer enjoyment of cars this size.

BUT, to the frustration of the greenies, there are plenty of us out here NOT prepared to let these great cars perish.

Smilingly, Bruce Joslen.

2nd Apr 2006, 12:39

Actually, Imperial gallons work the reverse way.

If you're geting 10 miles per imperial gallon you're getting something like 8.5 miles per US gallon.

I found this out when I first started reading CAR magazine and couldn't figure out why a car in England was getting incredible mileage vs. the same car in the US.

23rd Mar 2012, 23:22

I have no plans to part with my old cars either. All are road-worthy and paid for!