1979 Cadillac Seville from North America


Good riddance


The car would not start on most days.

General Comments:

Very unreliable. Traded it for another Mercedes after 6 months. Beautiful to look at, but it would not run.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2023

2nd Aug 2023, 20:40

This is a good example of a review that totally lacks detail. The fuel injection system on these cars was a bit troublesome, which probably explains the starting problems, some buyers had them actually converted to carburetors. Other than that these Sevilles were actually pretty good vehicles.

4th Aug 2023, 06:36

Sounds like you bought a lemon. How could a new car not even start?

24th May 2024, 17:57

Agreed, would've loved a more in depth review.

1979 Cadillac Seville Olds 350 gasoline from North America


A classic luxury


I had just recently purchased the 79 Seville, but I have also previously owned a 1977 and 1978 model. I have not had any problems with these Sevilles, and I've used it exclusively as a weekend car.

These cars are 35 years old, so they are going to require some maintenance and replacement of parts, but parts are generally cheap.

General Comments:

My 79 Cadillac is very clean, and it runs like it's almost brand new. I recently drove it over 150 miles on a weekend trip, and not a single problem occurred.

For a 35 year old car, it handles well and drives smoothly. The leather seats are very comfortable... like I'm sitting on my couch. It runs smooth and quiet.

The handling and performance are not as good as a BMW or any other modern car out on the road today, but these kinds of car were not specifically designed for that purpose.

If you're looking for a weekend cruiser in comfort, you can't go wrong with the first generation Seville.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2013

1979 Cadillac Seville 350 gasoline from North America


Looking back, it was a very reliable automobile...


Delco battery failed within the first month without warning.

Fake wire hubcap sets were stolen more than once at a cost of $125 each to replace. The heavy dealer installed hubcap locks, which made the wheels hard to balance.

Had to be careful where we parked it, because vandals would key the Fire Mist metallic paint.

Living on the sea coast, rust under the vinyl roof became a problem after a couple of years.

The urethane fittings in the bumper areas warped from heat.

Mileage was 17 in town, 23 on the highway. About what my Lexus RX 300 gets today.

General Comments:

I bought a new '77 Seville for my wife and realize what a great car it was, then purchased the '79 for myself.

The backseat was small for a 6' or taller adult.

The Seville was a far better machine than the 1980 Volvo GLE that replaced it.

The car was given to my daughter, who proceeded to drive it into the ground. She did little maintenance on it, yet it gave her no problems.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2013

12th Feb 2013, 16:24

Hard to imagine anything more reliable and durable - and cheap to keep running - than a GM turbo 350 transmission and an Oldsmobile 350 V8.

25th May 2017, 12:34

400 turbo 3spd.

1979 Cadillac Seville Designed by Gucci 5.7 litre Fuel Injection from Australia and New Zealand


Very fast handbag on wheels


Motor Overhaul, but caused by previous owner of 17 years driving it 2 km daily.

Engine Control Unit replaced.

A poor Right Hand Drive steering conversion necessitated reconverting the steering system. Not a reliability issue, however.

All these were done immediately after buying the car.

General Comments:

The Cadillac Seville Designed by Gucci is an incredible fashion statement, combining the best of automotive and fashion worlds.

A little (totally) over the top, with its Gucci 'GG' patterned headlining and vinyl roof, 24ct gold plated Gucci badge work and Gucci green/red/green pin striping, but a great woman's car.

We bought this from a 78 year old man (now deceased) who drove it to his bowling club and home again for 17 years, hence the poor condition of the motor. It looked like the oil & water hadn't been changed in 17 years.

Once the motor was overhauled & the computer replaced, this car has been no trouble at all.

Boasting the 350 cubic inch Oldsmobile motor, this car is very fast, handles like a rocket sled on rails and has all the Cadillac options one would expect for the most expensive Caddy of the era.

My wife insists that it will be the last car she ever buys - no others come close in comfort and style.

While not as large inside as a full-size Cadillac, it is still very comfortable.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2002

3rd Mar 2004, 13:05

The Oldsmbile engine was a great change. My 1983 368 aluminum engine bit the dust, and I did the same thing.

29th Feb 2008, 19:18

The Oldsmobile engine saved Cadillac's reputation in the late 70's, & again in after the HT4100 almost put GM out of business.

Cadillac returned the favor with the Aurora, & that was a disaster. The only thing Cadillac engines have done was make you mad you didn't invest your life savings in bars stop leak!

If you don't believe me, lift the hood of your cadillac, notice the blue & white decal that says: due to the advanced design of this engine you must add GM coolant supplement or major engine damage could occur: it even gives you a part number. You ask for this at your dealer & you get bars stop leak in a different color package. It still goes on to this day; just a little information from the rocket man. Remember this Oldsmobile ain't dead: we launch in any weather!

22nd Dec 2014, 03:22

I also have a white 1979 Cadillac Seville by Gucci, 19,600 original miles!

22nd Dec 2014, 22:38

The 368 engine was iron, not aluminum. It was also the last Cadillac built engine that was any good.

23rd Dec 2014, 23:09

Never mind that -- how did 13:05 post that comment AFTER he or she "bit the dust"?

There must be web access everywhere now.

26th Dec 2014, 15:44

I tried to buy a one owner Model A years ago. The owner told me it's not for sale and he would own it even after he was dead! Technically that's actually true, as when my father died the car was still actively registered in his name. With almost 2 years left on the tag. I had to wait til the estate settled to get the car from his name to mine.

28th Sep 2019, 05:49

Wrong, the 368 was iron, the 4100 after it was aluminium.

28th Sep 2019, 16:26

Very good. Now go back and reread the comment and it clearly states that the 368 was iron.