Seville Base 4.5

A very well built machine

73 words, North America

Seville STS 4.5 V8

Strong performer, but civilized

54 words, North America

Seville STS 4.5 Liter V8 PFI

A four door Corvette with awesome styling

221 words, North America

Seville 4.5L V8

Great car would love to keep running it for five more years

118 words, North America, 4 comments


In spite of its quirks, this is a fantastic car

292 words, North America, 15 comments

Seville STS 4.5 Liter V8

Third sportiest car in Cadillac's history (besides the CTS and XLR)

352 words, North America, 3 comments

Seville STS 4.5L V8

110 words, North America, 2 comments

Seville Base 4.5 Liter V8 180 Horsepower

Great luxury car for the money!! Fast too!!

397 words, North America, 10 comments