1992 Cadillac Seville 4.9 liter from North America


This car should be looked at as a last resort


When I first bought the car, I drove it for less than three minutes and the heater core exploded while I was driving. Had to put it in the shop: 81 dollars for the heater core plus tax, and 236 dollars for the labor.

Shortly after picking it up from the shop three days later, on a Monday, the inlet line from the transmission to the radiator cracked open; spraying all of the transmission fluid over the road. I had a hard time that week.

During the entire time I had the car, it ran hot every time I drove it, and I only drove it less than ten miles every day.

The radiator cracked on the car as I was driving one day.

The electrical wiring is not correctly assembled.

The cooling fan does not work any more.

The water pump comes on every three to four days.

The Cadillac Seville 1992 runs over 250 degrees so often, you would think that running hot was its full time job.

Oh, I checked to make sure that it wasn't the thermostat, and it is missing; as in not there.

The speaker system does not work, except for the rear dock speaker over the passenger side.

The trunk does not shut all the way.

The windshield spray does not spray.

Oh yes, it's a V-8. I will not buy another Cadillac; wouldn't care if it was the better looking car.

General Comments:

The car is overall a bad car. This is my experience. I wish it was different.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2012

13th May 2012, 17:04

So you bought a 1992 4.9 Seville with 220K+ miles and are complaining? I do sympathize with anyone who hits an unexpected repair, but that car may have had five owners before you, who beat it or skipped routine maintenance.

The only real shortcoming of the 4.9 is the aluminum block and the odd coolant tabs it requires. Yes, you are supposed to change the coolant every 2-3 years, and drop some kind of weird tabs in with it to stabilize the alum block. If someone fails to do that for ten years, chances are the cooling system may develop a fault.

The 4.9 is actually the most reliable engine Cadillac used from 1979 onward, and the 92 is the only model year of the gen 4 Seville that used it. Subsequent models using the terrible Northstar.

My honest advice is if the overall car is not destroyed (as it probably is), seriously do the research on what the engine needs, and do the work to bring it back up to speed. The 4.9, like the similar Buick 3.8, will give you 300K+ miles of service if you take care of it.

14th May 2012, 12:47

Luxury cars tend to need a little more maintenance, and cost more for servicing.

American cars from the early 1990s were still not so great or durable. A 1992 American car with 220,000+ miles is a milestone, and the fact it's a more fragile luxury car makes it more so. The car is beyond its typical life expectancy. I very rarely see these with over 140,000.

17th May 2012, 13:43

Early 1990s American cars were, while not as durable as those which came before, certainly far more durable than the more recent cars.

11th Jan 2014, 09:24

Mine has 340k miles, still running strong and quiet, leather and carpeting looks fine, and is still very comfortable.

Take care of these cars, they are worth it.

1992 Cadillac Seville SLS 4.9 from North America


Great car!!!


I am going to replace the strut shortly.

I have replaced the brakes and rotors.

General Comments:

I would like to say this is one of the best cars that I have ever owed, and I would buy another one.

My Seville SLS still performs well, and gets very good fuel mileage.

I use only Mobil 1 in my caddy and keep it tuned up. I have have owed other Caddillacs, and this is the best yet.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2009