1st Mar 2005, 11:13

Just bought a 1993 4.9 Seville which is in excellent condition. I also have an oil leak from the oil pan due to previous owner had tightened nuts up to much. Unfortunately the engine has to raised in order to fit a new gasket which makes a fairly simple job complicated. However besides that the car is excellent. I am very impressed how the car drives and the layout of the interior. There is also ample power when required. Together with its looks I would recommend a 1992 Cadillac Seville to anyone.

24th Mar 2005, 04:57

We bought a 1992 in Aug-2004. It has five problems: CD Player is broken, electric antenna is stuck in up position (and electrically unplugged), 3rd Tail Light doesn't work in warm/hot weather, rear tail lights retain moisture, and rear-passenger electric lock is "funky." According to web research, these were all known issues with this model; realize this was the first year for the newly designed Seville and El Dorado. These vehicles were quite stable, considering Cadillac's failure rate at the time.

The electronic struts all still work great, but when they do go, we'll replace them with recommended "normal" struts. If you research on the web, there is a site that addresses almost all of the leak problems, as well as a nifty way to set the dash computer to turn off your annoying "bad strut" error.

The car is a GREAT vehicle... I had my doubts, but the wife absolutely had to have this particular vehicle. The electronic struts cause a strange steering phenomenon on bumpy, gravelly intersections, but the car is GOOD TO GO!

8th Dec 2005, 17:56

I know exactly what you're going through. I have the -BASE- model of the Cadillac Seville, but the first owner (I'm the second owner) added every little option to the car so it has tons of features. For some reason, that lady drove that car into the ground and didn't get some things fixed on it like she should have. Instead, she simply traded it in, and that's when I found it.

I thought the car was one of the most beautiful Cadillacs I ever seen (and I'm a huge fan of Cadillacs). After the third day I had major problems with the coolant, and the car overheating. After 5 repairs, it's not overheating, but the coolant is still giving me problems. The car has a HORRIBLE oil leak. I keep getting the message of Low Oil Pressure after I had the oil pump replaced. Something in the motor is burning up the oil.

Other than that, everything in and around the car works as if brand new. I want to sell it bad to get rid of this nightmare! But I doubt anybody will want to buy it after listening to the engine make so much noise from bad oil pressure. I wish I never bought this car. I only recommend to somebody buying the car, only get one if you're just going to drive it to the store and back or something. Don't depend on it as a daily use car! Especially in high traffic go-stop areas unless you want to blow tons of money on gas!

28th May 2007, 22:07

I have the same car Caddillac Seville, but a 1993 4.9. It has been the best car I have owned; the only defects I had was the trunk lid pull down motor switch. Just the switch and tore a boot off the front axle, but that was my fault.

Oh, one other flaw, the rack and pinion came loose and the air compressor blew up from water and nasty roads down here.

It's a tough car; I beat the crap out of that car every day. The plugs have never been changed since 93 ha ha, I'm very happy with this car.

29th Jun 2007, 11:08

This era of Seville is a beautiful car (mainly STS) and great in concept. Unfortunately, like most truly desirable American cars, they were poorly conceptualized. All style and no substance. Sure you get the looks, the performance, and luxury features galore. Unfortunately they are riddled with mechanical and electrical problems, and are unreasonably fuel thirsty, even for a V8 powered car of their time, EPA 16/21.

Ironically, the Cadillac Fleetwood, which many people would argue is not a Cadillac at all, because it is basically a disguised Chevy Caprice/Buick Roadmaster, is a far more reliable car and cheaper to maintain, plus gets 17/25 mpg with a larger 5.7L V8. Also interesting is that these Fleetwoods are more expensive than any comparable Seville as used cars, simply because of higher demand.