4th Jan 2011, 08:54

2005 STS V8 Navigation. 60k miles and only oil and tires. My car is set up to go fast from the factory.

Here's what I know now that I didn't know when I bought it; headsup display, active radar, and All Wheel Drive, are great options, and the AWD being the best. @80mph the RPMs are at 2800, which kills the mileage. Whereas my Corvette is only about 1600 RPM and gets fab mileage.

Too bad the end of the line doesn't include a V8. If you can find a used STS-V with all the goodies, buy it, you will not lose money. The 05 STS is a great value, 320HP is enough, could use a higher gear for overdrive, but you save a ton of cash over BMW, Jag and Benz.

4th Mar 2012, 09:47

I agree with the above poster. My 06 STS V8 1 SF now has 72k, about 20k from long cross country trips. I've learned to keep it at 75MPH @2200 RPM.. for 24 MPG. Tires and oil are the only things. Mine is a daily driver, so it sits outside.

10th Sep 2012, 09:42

I agree. The car runs around 2000 RPM at 60 mph. It's always ready to takeoff quickly, but my girlfriend's Deville or our old Buick would be around 1000 RPM at 60mph, and thus could get another 10+ MPG cruising on the highway.

Best case scenario on this car (cruising at 50mph on flat ground in cruise control) is about 24 MPG, vs the Deville, which is FWD and geared for cruising, which can easily hit the mid 30s doing highway driving on flat ground.

On the upside, this car has been extremely reliable for me. Only problems were with brakes that were installed incorrectly by the dealership -- twice (needless to say, I don't go there any more).