2013 Cadillac XTS from North America


Disappointing for the price


The navigation map or system is very out of date. My daughter built a new house 18 months ago, and the current map does not show their street, and places you about a mile from their house in a field. My standalone Garmin and my Ford truck navigation, as well as web sites, show the newer streets. Cadillac has no idea when a new map will be out. Very expensive system for being way out of date.

When you are listening to your iPod through the audio system, and select a song to be played, it will confirm the correct song and then will play any other song if you are in shuffle mode. In order to play the correct song, you must go in and turn off the shuffle first, which is very inconvenient. My Ford truck handles it appropriately.

General Comments:

Good ride and drive.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 22nd April, 2013

23rd Apr 2013, 13:25

So the biggest issue with this car is the little screen in the center console is slightly outdated?

Why not just use a smartphone and not bother with the screen?

23rd Apr 2013, 17:50

You're giving the car a bad review because of the navigation system?

24th Apr 2013, 04:42

So you're basing your entire negative views of the XTS on the Navigation system alone?

What about the rest of the car? How does it ride, how does it drive? What about its performance? Quality of materials, craftsmanship, its features?

You have failed to address these sure fire questions that people are eager to know.

Please give us an update if you can with a much more informative, "Detailed" review of the whole car; we all would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.