2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z66 5.3 from North America


Only good for the 2 years; after that it starts to fall apart


Well where can I start?

First it was the bulbs on the dash board, then it was the "SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT" on, which GM would not fix because I was just slightly over the guarantee of the vehicle, so I have dealt with that beeping sound for all the rest of the miles.

Now 4 months ago the transmission BROKE, and had to be rebuilt.

Back in 2011 I had to replace the OIL CAP because it wore out on the grooves, so they told me.

Now in 05/2014, I am told again that the NEW oil cap that was put in on 2011 is leaking slightly, but they went on ahead and tried something to stop the leak, which DIDN'T WORK, so now I am told I have to replace the entire OIL PAN and parts for $800.00? Are you kidding me!

General Comments:

I really liked this vehicle at the beginning. When I rode in it, it was very comfortable.

But when the problems started to happen and the GM dealer could not fix or replace it at a decent price, I knew I was in trouble. For one thing, before I purchased this truck I had a 1987 GMC Suburban 454 engine big block. The only critical thing I ever had go on that was the timing belt. Replaced it, and it ran like a champ again compared to this 2004 Chevy Avalanche.

I cannot believe that GM does not see that everyone reports the same problems I have had, but they still do not care.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2014

1st Jun 2014, 10:02

GM made some cars/truck/SUVs that had some issues in the last decade. The 2004 through 2009 Avalanche had more than its fair share of problems. You do ask the question why couldn't GM get it right after 1 or 2 years... but they couldn't with that model.. it was more of a hit and miss situation with that truck.

2014 Consumer Reports annual auto issue has some years that were more reliable than others. The 2002/2011 and 2013 seem to be better built and have better reliability than the rest of the years. At least according to the people that owned them and completed their survey on them.

1st Jun 2014, 14:30

Since the "OIL CAP" is not in the oil pan, presumably you meant the drain plug, which is.

What most likely happened is that someone changing the oil wasn't paying attention when they replaced the plug, and cross-threaded it.

Probably too late to make a claim for it now though.

2nd Jun 2014, 14:20

Is the mechanic that told you that you needed a new oil cap for your oil pan the same one that told you that the 454 in your Suburban had a timing belt?

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z66 5.3 liter turbo from North America


Sportiest truck under $50,000


So far the only thing to go wrong is that the baffling in my muffler has come loose. Besides that, nothing else. This happened at 67000.

General Comments:

This truck is one of the best trucks my family has owned, and I'm lucky to be the one who picked it out.

It has great get up and go to it. I have pulled many things from cattle to medium sized boats with it, and nothing has ever happened power wise.

This truck is a powerful sport engine that can still pull.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 5.3 from North America


The Avalanche is a good multi purpose vehicle that handles like a car but is not a truck.


The stereo, though clear and loud, has intermittent malfunctions.

The leather upholstery has begun to wear-through on the driver side.

General Comments:

The Avalanche is sluggish off-the-line, but after about 25-30 mph is pretty responsive.

The towing performance is overrated. I pull a 16' trailer with less than 1000 lbs. on it and wish there was some more torque.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2005

16th Oct 2009, 19:53

We own a 2003, love it and pull and ramp a 5,000 lb boat on a 2,000 lb trailer with no problem. You must have something wrong! A malfunction maybe!