2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z66 5.3 liter turbo from North America


Sportiest truck under $50,000


So far the only thing to go wrong is that the baffling in my muffler has come loose. Besides that, nothing else. This happened at 67000.

General Comments:

This truck is one of the best trucks my family has owned, and I'm lucky to be the one who picked it out.

It has great get up and go to it. I have pulled many things from cattle to medium sized boats with it, and nothing has ever happened power wise.

This truck is a powerful sport engine that can still pull.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 5.3 from North America


The Avalanche is a good multi purpose vehicle that handles like a car but is not a truck.


The stereo, though clear and loud, has intermittent malfunctions.

The leather upholstery has begun to wear-through on the driver side.

General Comments:

The Avalanche is sluggish off-the-line, but after about 25-30 mph is pretty responsive.

The towing performance is overrated. I pull a 16' trailer with less than 1000 lbs. on it and wish there was some more torque.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2005

16th Oct 2009, 19:53

We own a 2003, love it and pull and ramp a 5,000 lb boat on a 2,000 lb trailer with no problem. You must have something wrong! A malfunction maybe!

16th Aug 2016, 00:26

I disagree with you, there is nothing wrong with his Avalanche. I had a 2002 with the Z71 package and the 5.3 motor; it was great, lots of towing power, never let me down, just rusted to hell was its downfall. BUT then I bought a 2004 LT model, every option you could think of, BUT it could not tow anything and it had the 5.3. I was so shocked in the difference of the 2 Avalanches. Well now it's time to try a Ford.

16th Aug 2016, 10:54

Must be quite a trailer.

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 z71 gasoline from North America


The radio stopped working at 1500 miles; then, there was a transmission problem at 3800 miles (dealer solved the problem.)

However, the problem recurred 3 days later. According to the dealer, it is caused by a factory defect on the transmision valve body. They put a new one on, but the same problem persists.

This doesn't happen with Japanese vehicles at (only) 1500 miles!

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

9th Sep 2007, 11:22

Regardless of the comments made or the problems with the vehicle, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The spelling really does not matter. Critical comments reflect back on the one whom is commenting. Whatever your comments, everyone is right.

12th Dec 2008, 00:17

I agree with the previous poster. Regardless of any spelling errors there is value in the original posters review. However, I have to disagree with the suggestion that transmission problems don't happen to Japanese vehicles. Just ask anyone that owns an Acura MDX or RL.

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 5.3 V8 from North America


This is one amazing Truck? Car? SUV?


Nothing really. It runs like a champ.

General Comments:

This is a great truck. It is as comfortable as a car and tough as a truck.

The towing capacity on this thing is amazing.

I love the sound BOSE sound system.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

9th Mar 2006, 14:20

I have a 04 Avalanche and it ran kinda slow at first. The 6000lb body made for sluggish starts off the line and it never seen a gas station it didn't like. But when you get one of these things 5/10 people don't really put emphasis on aftermarket parts and pieces like I did. So far no problems yet, it runs smooth and the 4-wheel drive works fine. I eventually grew tired of that factory 5.3 so I swapped it out with a fuel injected 502 rat and a turbo tranny. I added some (strategically placed) SS decals and tinted the windows and people swear that it is a factory trim level. The pkg I purchased was a black Z71 WBH with all the trimmings. The satellite radio is cool, but I hear that it will be free in a matter of years. I added the 40 series flowmaster exhaust and a cowl induction hood along with adding 22 inch Katana racing rims on it. Some edelbrock headers were installed and it has plenty of thump now. I added some better fuel lines and fuel pump and the gas mileage increased only a hair, but nothing to really write home about. I like it so far, the 07 looks to be pretty promising, but I just wish that GM would come out with a SS version of this rather than a damn cobalt.