2006 Chevrolet Aveo LT 1.6 efi from North America


One word - LEMON!!!


What hasn't gone wrong with it.

It went into the shop 2 weeks after I got it, the A/C quit and it was missing (engine). Then the front end suspension (ball joints, tie rods, pitman arm, were all replaced 3 times, due to faulty workmanship.

Then the engine went at 19K miles, timing belt broke, bent valves, then trans went at 31k, then computer at 35k.

When I took it in for the computer, it had to be shipped from Mexico, and kept failing customs, so I had no car for 32 days.

Then the A/C went again, then a coil pack, then 2 injectors.

When I got rid of it, the radiator was loose, and the car was overheating, and running like poo, and the front end was creaking and popping like it was before. They thought the head gasket had gone out, the squirters on the windshield quit working (had fluid) and the shifter got stuck in park.

All in all, 17 times in shop in 2 1/2 years, with nearly $11,000 in warranty repairs.

General Comments:

The car was horribly slow, and wheezed, especially with the A/C on. If you were in motion and had to pass someone, you either had to shut off the A/C or the car would bog and sputter/miss over 4,000 rpms.

I never got good gas mileage in this car. I averaged 17 mpg total, I am not a lead foot, I have never had a speeding ticket, and I am 26.

I changed the oil (synthetic) every 5,000 miles, and I took care of it because I needed it, even though it left me stranded one too many times.

It was roomy for a small car, and I liked the stereo, and it wasn't a bad looking car, it just was slow and fell apart easily.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2009

17th Sep 2010, 00:01

Was it automatic? If so, it's true the automatic Aveo is incredibly slow on takeoffs, and with an A/C it's even worse.

I bought mine brand new in 2006, and since it was my 1st brand new car, I didn't wanna pay a fortune; was the cheapest on the market back in 2006, and I took it with NO and I mean not a single optional item.

A stock CD player would have cost me $450, and that's for a crappy stock GM radio.

I could get something way better aftermarket, which I did. I digress, I got the standard one, $1000 less than automatic, and I beat the crap out of it, so everything that would break after the warranty was over would be dealt with.

All in all, I got my water pumped replaced, because a belt was touching the pump's hose and is cut right through, so I got those fixed with warranty.

I hit a sidewalk on the left side, and took a year before the lower ball joint gave up. Other than that, aside from the occasional oil change and spark plugs... blah blah blah, standard tune ups, ya know, everything has been going well with it, it's at 78k now and still runs like new.

I have however modified a few things; a cold air intake, better spark plugs and cables than OEM. Better battery and I always put premium fuel in my cars. Not high in octane, cuz that'd be useless, and in fact, worse for the car, just premium 89 or 91. I'd never put 94 octane in a non turbo car, I'd just mess it up.

Note to those who wanna buy a new car, never buy a car built a Monday or Friday. It sounds stupid I know, but trust me on this, the car will be less likely to have faults if built any other day of the week. I always check, dealers find me weird for making them check, but it's true, Monday assembly workers don't feel like working too hard, and Friday they are anxious to get home so they don't work as hard. It will pass inspection but doesn't mean its 100%. A car built on a Thursday is the best I find, people are always working hard on a Thursday cuz the weekend is coming, and they are usually more pumped up and do a damn good job. If people disagree then it's OK, I always check and I never have trouble with any car I've had, new or used.

I intend to keep my Aveo as long as it lives, and it seems to still have a lot of life left in it. For a cheap (price) car, it's an OK car.

2006 Chevrolet Aveo 5 from North America


Too many blind spots


The gas tank flap refused to close. I slammed it shut and broke the latch.

General Comments:

*** What I like about the Aveo: ***

Great on gas.

Dummy-proof: can't leave headlights on or lock keys in car.

Smooth shifting.

Lots of headroom.

Low purchase price.

Chevy = cheap parts.

Has a rear window wiper on the hatchback.

Super quiet motor.

It's small so I can squeeze it into small spaces.


*** What I don't like about the Aveo: ***

Too many blind spots.

Cup holders suck.

Junk bin is too small.

Can't open hatchback from the driver's seat.

I hate backing up in it - can't see.

Can't see front of car from driver's seat.

Dumbest headrests ever.

Small rear-view mirrors on sides.

Wimpy horn.

Can't find the horn when I need it.

Dash reflects on front window = glare.

Field of view/ vision SUCKS!! Don't trust your shoulder-check because there is a HUGE blind spot on the driver's left side.

Feel like I'm always being tail-gated.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2008