2006 Chevrolet Aveo LS 1.6L Eco-tec from North America


Cheap... not inexpensive, just cheap


P2135 Engine code

Throttle body

Fuel tank pressure sensor seal (broken by dealer)

--- Above all between 24,000 and 28,000 miles.

Squeaky front bushings (11,000 miles)

Engine mounts rotting (28,000 miles)

General Comments:

Acceleration on flat surfaces is adequate and will get you into highway traffic on medium and long ramps. Short ramps require a running start, and uphill acceleration is horrible. The weak motor is very unrefined and under-engineered, resulting in both poor performance compared to other vehicles such as the Yaris or Accent. Mileage is mediocre given the size of the car. I average 30-33 MPG in about 30/70% city/highway driving. Mileage and performance are both deplorable with the air conditioning running on any road but open highway.

The five speed gearbox is sloppy and unmanageable. Shifting is a chore because the gearbox and motor almost feel as though they're tacked together from two different cars. Matching engine speed is difficult under harder acceleration due to excessive throttle float (Chevy's apparent answer to low-tech higher gas mileage).

Handling is extremely sloppy. Body roll is extreme around most corners. Straightening corners (e.g. - straight through the middle like on a racetrack) is a must unless you brake hard.

Body roll has a tendency to induce nausea in passengers even when they're not prone to car sickness.

Broad body and light frame makes wind buffeting very dangerous on open roads and bridges. The car can easily be pitched over lane markers in a flash when heavy gusts hit the car broadside.

Interior is cheap, but actually somewhat nicer than many pricier GM models. Sound system is excellent. Interior is roomy for the driver and front passenger (given the class of car we're talking about, anyway) and the seats are supportive and comfortable. Backseat leg room is cramped, but not intolerable for kids. Adults will not sit comfortably in the back.

Control positioning, size, and labeling are not great, but reaching controls is not uncomfortable, and does not usually require you to move your eyes from the road.

Cargo room is excellent and the Aveo's high point. The trunk is large and the opening is more substantial than the trunk opening in many larger vehicles. I used this car to help move twice, and took a vacation in it once with no trouble fitting significant cargo and people.

The worst part of the 2006 Aveo is it's shoddy build and suspect reliability. My experience with Chevrolet dealers has also been poor throughout my warranty ordeal with this car.

My vehicle developed minor bucking and surging first thing in the morning - especially when damp - at about 24,000 miles. A check engine finally came on about 1000 miles later, along with the car entering "limp mode".

The dealership initially failed to ask me for any symptoms, instead pulling only the code. They pulled a code for the "Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor" (my own el-cheapo reader and an independent shop with a professional Snap-On reader both pulled P2135 - Throttle Position Sensors disagree). I pressed them slightly to explain how that would cause bucking and surging, and they could not, but I didn't push the issue very hard - they're the professionals, right?

It took one week to get the part in, they failed to notify me, so a week and half after they pulled the code, I returned to have the service performed. They replaced the sensor, I tested the car for about 6 miles in city traffic, and the code immediately returned.

This time I was told they saw the P2135, but testing revealed the PCM to be the issue. They replaced this part in about 2 days and I took the car home.

Leaving the dealership it smelled like gasoline - this made my wife ill by triggering a 2 day migraine - but the smell subsided quickly and I attributed it to an accidental spill in the shop.

Two days after picking up the vehicle it needed fuel, and, at the fueling station, the last gallon of gasoline poured from under the car onto the ground. I had the car towed to the dealership.

They replaced the fuel tank seal they destroyed while pointlessly replacing the fuel tank pressure sensor.

A week and half after taking the car back again, the original surging/bucking returned. At this point, I had unpleasant words with the general manager, who was rather patronizing about the entire thing. This time, they replaced the entire throttle body.

Finally, the car seems to be repaired.

Frankly, the car has not been worth the trouble. It is, indeed, cheap. However, spending a little bit more money on a Civic DX - or even a used Civic or Corolla, or even a Focus - would be much wiser, in my opinion.

I have had nothing but bad experiences with GM dealers - rude or aloof or incompetent all around. I have owned two GMs so far: a Pontiac Grand Am which I had no trouble with (save an SES warning I ignored for 20k miles until it went away on its own) but did not care for and this Aveo. Others have told me they do not share these experiences, but, frankly, I will no longer considering any GM models.

Bottom line: this is a horrid little car with no real redeeming qualities except its cavernous interior. Even if you like GM/Chevy, avoid it like the plague (it's not a Chevy anyway, it's a rotten little Daewoo they just re-branded).

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Review Date: 11th August, 2008

11th Aug 2008, 18:14

I'm certainly going to have to at least partially agree with this review. Though I'm rather shocked at the low build quality, (nothing so serious should be going so wrong after a short period of time), the condescending nature of the dealer sure didn't seem to help things. I've rented a Toyota Yaris and a Chevy Aveo before. And from just that little bit of driving, the Yaris was clearly better in every way: roomier, better fuel economy, at least as peppy. And I'm sure the build quality is far superior, although I clearly didn't have either car long enough to tell.

2006 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 from North America


A good one, but the quality issue must be addressed


After a week I bought the car, I had to take it back to dealer for vibration of steering and brake pedal. They machined the rotor and balanced the wheel. The same problem came back after a while, they machined the rotor again. I had to go back the third time for the same problem, this time I was told it's an alignment problem, and was taken care of. Now the vibration problem came back again. My friend rented a 2007 Aveo with 14,000 miles on it yesterday. I found the rented 2007 Aveo has the same problem. I wonder if it is a common occurence with other owners.

It's hard to find the real answers from the dealers. Like other owners, I also had the same problem of the key getting stuck in ignition and transmission shifter being locked in one place. When the car was towed to the dealer, they diagnosed the problem to a broken solenoid valve. The whole shifter assembly was replaced under warranty. What is surprising is that the dealer acted like they never heard of a Aveo with such a problem. I bet they are well aware of the problem from the GM databased they have access to.

Any thoughts or suggestions on my experience. Thank you for sharing with me.

General Comments:

Generally a finely built car. Refinement, power and roominess is good as it can get. I wouldn't say the same thing about gas consumption. It's only adequate when it comes to saving gas.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2007

3rd Jun 2007, 17:07

I think that your vibration problem is something permanently wrong in the assembly of the vehicle that GM has never properly addressed. It's not the brakes or rotors, it's poor assembly of more major parts. My sister owned a Blazer (PLAGUED with problems, and thankfully gone now) that chewed up brake pads and rotors about every 20,000 miles, and not from bad driving habits. Her husband has an '06 Silverado that isn't much better. I don't know exactly what the issue is, but these two vehicles are their last GM's. The engine in the Blazer sounded HORRIBLE at an idle; full of knocks, pully and belt squeaks, extremely loud fan noise, pinging, etc, and it was positively scary to listen to when it would downshift and rev up to anything over 2500 rpm's. The Silverado is slightly better, but it has it's issues too. The brakes were the worst though. I'd suggest getting rid of the Aveo now, while it's still worth something. There are much better choices in the compact/subcompact category that won't give you all the same trouble.

19th Nov 2008, 01:12

OK, my 2006 Chevy Aveo had the same problem. It was stuck in park and I have to use the shift lock release button. I am pretty upset about this considering I just bought the car 3 months ago.

Now it's gotten so bad that it won't shift past second... I have read so many similar complaints and the dealer won't fix it. I am stuck with this crappy car. If anyone knows anything I can possibly do, please e mail me at jlaluvsu@yahoo.com. I need to know if I have any options, anything I could do?????

20th Sep 2013, 20:17

What year was the Blazer? We've had the 95 S10 Blazer and its been good to us 165k miles. A Blazer and Aveo can't be compared, since the Aveo is a Daewoo product. And not very well disguised; had one for 3 days and it screamed 'Korean import' like an early Kia.