23rd Sep 2007, 10:12

My Aveo with 8200 miles, also leaked oil. They replaced the oil pump housing. It took a week to get the parts ordered and fixed. I was told that when they build inexpensive cars they cut costs somewhere. With this issue, I am certain they are not saving money. The car is a perfect commuter car. I was fortunate that I had another car during this time.

10th Dec 2007, 01:51

The warranty covers the cost of a rental car if they can't fix it immediately.

Sounds to me like the service manager is a tool.

12th Mar 2008, 13:25

1:51, well said! I always demand that if they have my car overnight or for any extended period of time that they give me a loaner or pay for rental. My Chevy dealership was quite good about that, they even got someone to drive me to the rental car location, as for my Aveo, the only problem I had was that oil gasket was leaking too. Its too bad, it is such a nice car!

19th Apr 2009, 07:28

Aveo has a dealer Technical Service Bulletin for an upgraded oil pump gasket, which would explain the oil dumped on driveway issue in some cases - upgraded one is metal. I think mine is still the original - waiting and hoping for no issues for me...

They extended the Technical service Bulletin for engine valve sealing issues to the 2007 model year - but from the various websites, not seeing a lot of people complaining of this issue on the 2007's (unlike the 2004's).

Some key issues with the car, but in line with other manufacturers and other cars, and other issues... (I had a 1999 Mazda Protege where people continuously complained of the transmissions failing - I got up to 220 000km's before I sold it, no trans issues, but did have EGR, intake manifold gasket, brake rotor warping, engine mount and Mass Airflow Sensor issues - other known Protege 'areas of opportunity').