2007 Chevrolet Aveo from North America


Great idea, but iffy performance


At 8,900 miles, I already have an oil leak. It's leaking at a place where the oil pan and block meet. The dealer said it needs an oil gasket, but they cannot locate one because no one has them. They have called around, even Chevy, and no one has a gasket. So my car will be in the shop for a week or may be two weeks until they can get the part. No loaner was provided to me, so I'm hitch hiking it to and from work or getting rides from workers. Where I live, there is no bus system.

I also have a difficult time in shifting. Seems when its cold outside, if I let the car warm up, it will shift smoother. Going into 2nd and/or 3rd gear is becoming difficult. I haven't presented this problem to the dealership because they kept thinking I had work done on the vehicle and that why the oil is leaking. The only place its been is the same dealership where I purchased it from and it just comes in for oil changes.

General Comments:

I really like the style of this vehicle. It matches perfectly to what I need it for; however, I'm just amazed that the oil gasket would go at 8,900 miles on it. I'm having doubts about keeping this vehicle.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2007

12th Sep 2007, 14:25

Maybe your service manager should look in Daewoo catalogs instead of Chevy ones to find your pan gasket. Don't hate the car, hate your service manager.

19th Sep 2007, 22:56

My 2007 Aveo LS dumped oil all over my driveway last weekend. Dealership says it needs a new oil oil pump gasket, which will take several days to obtain - this car has only 5200 miles on it! I have really liked it so far - perfect for my needs - but now that I've read several other accounts similar to mine, I wonder if I should be alarmed.

2007 Chevrolet Aveo LT 4 cylinder from North America


Pleasant car, less than pleasant experience


At just over 10,000 miles, the oil pump seal broke, leaking an abundance of oil. The dealership repaired it under warranty. As soon as we got it home, it was leaking even more oil. The oil pump seal had broken again and, again, was repaired under warranty. At 10,500 miles no more leaks.

At 10,500 miles the engine began ticking notably at higher RPMs. The dealership determined that the internal bearings of the engine were bad and weren't sure what caused them to go bad. This is covered under warranty as well.

General Comments:

This is my wife's car, she's 5'1". Me, at 6'1", my right knee touches the dashboard where it curves into the console, so not the most comfortable ride.

For such a small car, it boasts a respectable amount of room for passengers and gear in the trunk.

Plenty of pep for a small 4cyl, however lacks the gas mileage one would expect it to have.

Radio steering wheel controls not well placed, often a button is accidentally hit, changing the radio station.

**For the money, this is a very respectable car in terms of options and looks. However, given the maintenance issues we've had at only 10K miles, this car just does not seem to be reliable. The dealership claims they've never had such issues with the Aveo. Though under warranty, I simply have little faith in this vehicle and will likely trade it in shortly - most certainly before the warranty expires.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007

1st Sep 2007, 13:29

FOLLOW-UP: I wrote this review, and after writing it and the dealership rebuilding this engine (at only 10,500 miles), we went to trade it in for a Toyota Corolla, sure enough on the voyage to trading it in, the Check Engine light began flashing. DO NOT BUY THESE CARS.

19th Jan 2008, 11:51

Hi, I also had these same things happen to my 06 aveo at 18,000 miles! What a pile of junk.

19th Jan 2008, 16:11

The Aveo, built by Daewoo, uses old tech for the engine. It's neither reliable nor easy on gas (which is remarkable...it's a 1.6L). The Corolla should be night and day.

2nd Mar 2008, 15:11

My Aveo had a new engine at 13,000 km, a new transmission at 20,000 km and two new PCM units at 21,000 km. The dealer service was awful. I got rid of it while it was still worth something and did what I should have done to begin with... buy a Honda.

Really, GM cars and service are the best advertisements Honda and Toyota have ever had.

20th Sep 2009, 14:35

My '06 Aveo with 38K miles is in the shop for the dreaded "flashing engine light" issue. No concrete diagnosis yet, as the problem appears "hard to trace". Hm... if GM gave this thing the 5 year/100K drivetrain warranty, they must've known something would go wrong with this little eggbeater of a car. I kinda like it, but less so after this experience. We'll see how it all pans out.