23rd Oct 2008, 18:42

I loved my new 2004 Chevy Aveo. I hated the dealer, who "forgot" to tell me it was time to replace the timing belt. Which of course broke and took out the engine. Because there was no record of them "forgetting" it was my fault, and they would not replace it. Up until the engine dying, fortunately at a garage, it was a dream car for me. cheap, high mph, (usually 35+). Low maintenance, oil changes every 3000 miles... towed my row boat to where ever I wanted to go. It is currently sitting in my driveway waiting for an engine transplant. My car clock never kept good time, but the stereo I put in did, but the malfunctioning clock became a great excuse to be late...

I liked it so much I have bought a new 2008 Aveo, but it does not get the mpg the old one did. And it has a stupid tire pressure sensor malfunction. Fixed once but still reads low pressure, but checks out OK.

28th Oct 2008, 17:29

No offense, but you shouldn't rely on your dealer to keep you up to date on needed repairs or service. Once I drive a vehicle off the lot the dealer never sees me again unless I have a warranty-covered problem. Your owner's manual clearly lists all your required/recommended servicing needs with clearly indicated mileage intervals. All cars using rubber timing belts to turn the overhead cam (or cams) MUST have them replaced as recommended or risk engine damage.

As for the tire pressure sensors, they ARE a nuisance. You may not have any problem with yours, as it may be the same issue I've had. They are just INCREDIBLY sensitive. The "low tire pressure" light on my 2007 Mustang comes on if there is as little as 2 psi difference in any of the 4 tires. I have to scrupulously maintain the exact same pressure in all 4 tires, which I am NOT accustomed to doing, as most cars need 3-4 psi more in the front tires than in the rear due to weight distribution.

I've driven the Aveo and find it a very comfortable and smooth small car. I have also heard that the fuel mileage is not as good as the much faster and larger Cobalt/G5 models. Although I found the Aveo actually smoother and better riding than the Cobalt, I think I'd opt for the Cobalt due to its being a true GM car built by GM and being slightly larger and MUCH faster.

21st Nov 2008, 21:59

I own a 2004 Aveo with 106,000 miles. I drive 160 miles per day round trip to and from work. Been a great car!

16th Dec 2008, 19:36

I have an 05 Aveo and it was fine for a while. Then out of nowhere the thermostat housing comes apart. I've had the head heat straightened and replaced the head gasket. The car started a couple of times and now it won't start anymore.

The check engine light is on, so I had the codes read. It has something to do with the MAP sensor. I can't find a repair manual or information anywhere, so I don't know where the MAP sensor is located on the engine. I found a vaccum connection on the valve cover with nothing on it. I think it's supposed to connect to the MAP sensor.

If anyone has any suggestions or information I would greatly appreciate it. I could also use a picture from an 05 Aveo to determine where the vaccum line connects. My email is xxstarvinmarvinxx@yahoo.com.

31st Dec 2008, 15:20

Have an 04 Aveo, driving on the highway at 110 kms the car decided to shut off. Pulled over with emergency lights on. Tried to restart, sound of starter and alternator belt rotating fast. Guess what it was, TIMING BELT FAILURE!!! 150$ tow job to get back to city. My tech hopes the valves are not bent or worse, piston rods// head//and who knows what else!!!

GM are going to have to accept this car is crap!!! They should have to reimburse anybody who got sucked in on these horrible cars. The consumer group for honest hard working people should file a civil suit to have GM replace the money's that people are "FORCED" to spend/or throw away the car!!!


2nd Jan 2009, 21:06

The timing belts on the Aveos are known for premature breakdown, it's happened at 40k 45k 50k 55k whatever, the dealer recommends changing the belts at 60k. Anybody that purchases one of these cars with 30k + on it, should ask the person you're buying off if the belt has been changed or not. This will cost you a lot of money if it breaks, Just as well to dump it!!!

Disposable cars is what they are. Korean junk, with a GM sticker on it to sell them. Good luck to all Aveo owners, hear from you soon!!! 40k miles, 45k miles etc.

13th Feb 2009, 20:40

We have a 2005 Aveo and the little port on the rear of the cam cover is not used for anything. It is sealed internally as such. The MAP port is on the throttle body and is connected with plastic tubing to the MAP sensor.

Be careful about anyone else putting oil in the engine and spilling some into the cam cover tray below the plastic dust shield. A few ounces spilled under the cover will disappear out of sight but may spill over into the hidden spark plug tubes below the plastic cover. If the spark plug boots are old this will create a path for the secondary voltage to the head and will produce a miss at idle and higher revs, otherwise difficult to diagnose. The boot ends are sitting in a puddle of oil. If this happens make sure to get all of the oil out before you remove the spark plugs. Best to use a split in half wood chop stick with a little cloth wrapped around the end to soak up the oil. Wipe off the boot ends or, better, replace the wire set.

24th Feb 2009, 06:47

Timing belts! There is not much info around on how to change these belts. So when I changed mine, I wrote up a web page with pictures. It is here:


There is another page that goes over how to change the belt:


But it has a very serious error: it fails to explain about having to remove the motor mount. Unless the motor mount is removed, it is impossible to remove the timing belt!

25th Mar 2009, 17:49

I have a 2005 Aveo and have had extreme difficulty with the front end and GM. After the dealer told me they couldn't fix the persistent (and significant) vibration in the steering wheel I contacted GM. After 3 months of lies, a total of 16 phone calls, and 6 different advisers I finally gave up. One day I talked to 4 different people at GM but insisted on talking with a manager. She gave me "her word" that she would personally address my problem... which she didn't. So my Aveo still shakes down the street and I have to get the wheels balanced every few months. Tires are bald at 45K miles and the new tires also vibrate. I've always owned GM cars and trucks, but will never again. Other than the vibration I think it's a fine little car. Too bad.