10th May 2006, 09:18

That is simply untrue. I have owned at least 10 small cars with small motors since 1980 and have NEVER had any problems related to the motors.

Stop spreading urban legends.

16th May 2006, 23:50

Unfortunately my sister owns a 2004 Aveo. Just recently the timing belt went and caused major engine damage (to the tune of $4000). The car is just out of warranty and the dealer refused to take care of the repair as good will (they said having service done elsewhere voids goodwill replacement). I feel very badly for my sister. This was her first car and she still has 2 years of payments to go. I'll encourage her to fight GM and the dealer.

20th Jun 2006, 15:59

I bought my 2005 Aveo in May, 2005. Tires seem to wear quickly, at the 4 month mark my 17 year old had an accident when he tried to slow down and the car jerked left. 3 of the 4 wheels & rims were replaced - bearing and other jargon. Now at the 0ne year mark and 17k miles I took it in because I felt the car was too loud. Yes, I need 3 new rims and bearings and all that. If I need to pay $1400 every 9 - 12 month for new rims, my $8,400 purchase is getting pricey.

21st Jun 2006, 17:37

Working for a high line dealership, I am not ashamed to be driving my 2004 Aveo. The Aveo has great features most cars that cost more. With common sense, comparing with other cars, sometimes the general public does not "it is what you pay for"makes sense.Futhermore, cars are made of metal. So cars are prone to repair, maintenance

24th Jun 2006, 23:28

I am looking to purchase a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback within the next few months, however this will not be my first American/Korean based automobile. I have owned a 1993 Ford Festiva with the automatic transmission. To be completely honest, I was not satisfied with it at all. With all of the positive Ford Festiva reviews that I have read on this website, it had to have been a lemon. I am hoping that my experiences with the Chevrolet Aveo are different, but I am still a bit skeptical. I have read nothing but mixed reviews about this vehicle on here and I am wondering if I should buy one or not. Spending $9,500 on a car and then investing serious money into it when it is two or three years old does not sound like a smart investment to me. Please let me know if I should buy one. Thank you.

19th Jul 2006, 14:02

I was thinking about an Aveo, but after reading these comments, I think I will stick with buying rear engine Volvo's (have one with 250k on the engine and doesn't use any oil!) and late model Corollas.

Ten thousand dollars will get you a 3-4 yr old Corolla with about 45 to 60 thousand miles if you look around.

From the comments on the Aveo, I bet you will spend less on the Corolla to get it from 60k to 160k, than going from 0 to 100k miles in the Aveo.

Buy the Corolla, and get a cardboard pine tree for $1.98 to hang from the mirror, to give you the new car smell.

20th Jul 2006, 10:31

"rear engine Volvos"? -- Where do you find those?

21st Jul 2006, 06:55

It CERTAINLY is no coincidence that there are good GM, or American for that matter, cars out there. AS WITH EVERY CAR EVER MADE, they are ALL hit and miss.

I've never had problems with any of my American GM vehicles, from my current 2004 Chevy Malibu (6K miles), 2005 Chevy Aveo SVM (7000 miles at trade in, 0 problems) to the 2002 Olds Intrigue (50 K miles at trade in), 2005 Pontiac Montana (currently driving-60K miles, no problems), 1996 Pontiac Trans Sport (one had 120,000 miles, the other 106,000 before trading on the Malibu), 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport 3800 (200,000 miles when sold privately), 1994 Chevy Lumina car (172,000 miles when totaled) and a 1991 Chevy Lumina car with 487,000 miles when broadsided by a drunk driver, and last, but not least, my first car, a 1985 Chrysler Lebaron Turbo Convertible, which self destructed at 150,000 miles when the head gasket went out.

My sister has a 2005 Chevy Aveo LT fully loaded that she got for under $14,000, 17,000 miles, also with 0 problems. It's been a terrific car. All of my American cars (GM in specific for me) have been superb, and I would never contemplate the idea of going to a foreign brand. Ever.

And many people are that way. It's just something about the idea of supporting my country and the jobs here, not to mention the high level of quality and workmanship in all of the cars I've had, that keeps me coming back.

In fact, I did have one horrifying experience with a little 1989 Honda Accord crap bucket. It was my friends car, and we were coming back from a late night out, and the piece of junk just out of the blue broke down, on the darkest, most rural road possible. And that was before the age of cell phones. That rattle trap only had 74,000 miles on it, and left us completely stranded. Gee, my GM American vehicles have never done that to me. My aunts 2001 Honda Civic has been a complete nightmare and financial headache to own. In fact, her review to her 2001 Civic is posted on this site. Look at the one entitled NEVER AGAIN!!... that's her thought of her Honda.

21st Jul 2006, 07:41

I know what you mean. I drive down the road with my 94 Accord and get into some kind of parade formation with at least 3-6 at a time. I think it is kinda cool. The same with the Camry.

21st Jul 2006, 18:16

Maybe you'd experience more problems if you actually held on to your vehicles long enough. Ironically you trade them in before any goes wrong. Such great cars, but you trade them in? Something doesn't add up.

27th Jul 2006, 00:09

I bought a 2004 Aveo with 15K on it and have had some problems. It stated to idle rough and the gas mileage was suffering at about 20K. The dealer said the valve stems were too long and replaced them all under warranty. It ran good after that. Now at 30K the idle is rough again and I have to add water occasionally, but there is no leak. I hope it's not the head gasket or a crack. Need to go back to the dealer again. I have not had any auto trans problems or tire wear. I did replace the tires because the car seemed to be unstable at freeway speeds, but it did not help. I also hear a lot of creaks and squeaks from all areas of the suspension. After the last oil change the lifters make noise for a few minutes until warmed up. Now that problem has gone away. I wonder if it will return on the next oil change. I'm using Mobil 1 synthetic.

1st Aug 2006, 11:30

We have an '04 Aveo, actually the first one to be sold in Ontario, Canada. It has 56,000 kilometers on it and we have had several problems that needed to be resolved under warranty.. now the warranty is up at 60,000 we are having intermittent starting problems.. it has left my partner stranded twice now... I work for GM and quit driving GM cars in 1982 after having a nightmare Pontiac J2000 which basically exploded under me.. since then I have only owned Toyotas keeping each car for 8-10 years and running some of them for over 400,000 kms. In the fall of 2003 we decided to try GM product again and bought the Aveo, now I'm thinking we should have kept buying Toyotas... that is sad.