10th Nov 2007, 16:58

I appreciate the sentiment, but why go from the Aveo to a Honda or Toyota, or anything else foreign? The Aveo is just a rebadged Daewoo, which is Korean. Why not go up a little and get a Chevy Cobalt or Chevy Cavalier, as long as you were going for a lower end, econo Chevy? You bought cheap, and you got cheap. These Daewoos are like "Playskool" toys.

10th Dec 2007, 10:17

I have a 2005 Chevy Aveo and I finally can say I hate it. I've had numerous problems with it in the past 12 months. Last winter I had a MAP sensor go out which caused the car to die while I was driving. It took the dealership 2 rounds of bringing it in before they figured it out. This past week it has continually gotten stuck in park and won't shift out. Had to have it towed last week. They seemingly 'fixed' the issue, but then it did it again twice over the weekend. It's at the dealer right now being check out again. Also I had the issues I've seen discussed here with the front ARMS and Bushings which caused an awful creaking noise over bumps and when turning. Overall I'm thankful this car has a warranty, but want nothing to do with it once the warranty is up. I understand it's a cheap car, but I've had it in the dealership service department over 5 times in the past 12 months.

5th Jan 2008, 01:03

I am yet another "lucky" Aveo owner, or as it is sold in Pontiac dealerships in Canada, a Pontiac Wave 5. This car is a piece of crap and the level of service from the dealership is absolutely awful. It is easy to see why GM stock is tanking with these Yahoos running the service department.

At 13,000 km, the engine failed due to a faulty piston. The service manager, who has the manners of a warthog, informed me that it was my fault because I was using synthetic oil. I informed him that he had better call all the Corvette owners in North America and tell them to switch to conventional oil. It took six weeks to replace the engine while the service department, parts department and GM fought over who would pay the stocking charges on the engine. Then the car came back filthy, covered in grease. I called GM Canada and of course they did nothing.

At 20,000 km the manual transmission failed to shift into second gear. I knew the second gear sychro was done and it would need a new transaxle. The dealership then tried to blame me for the failure. Apparently they did not want to give me a rental car since they were over their quota. Another call to GM Canada, which got the rental car. Of course the customer service of the service department hasn't changed.

Two weeks later, the right rear seat refused to latch. The dealer has to order the latch. They tell me it will be two weeks to get the part, but the car is drivable. I responded I am not going to put my seven year old in that seat and I need a loaner car. Of course the service manager says no on general principles. It is fun to show you have power over customers. Another hour on the phone to GM Canada gets me my loaner car.

As another poster has stated here, you get what you pay for. I could have had a Honda or Toyota for an extra $40 or so a month on the lease (the car is leased). For the time I have wasted fighting with GM to fix their car, that $40 a month would have been well spent.

There are two years left on the lease. Needless to say I will not buy the car out and will be happy to see it gone.

A word to the wise: Lease a car to start. By the time the lease is up, you will know if it is reliable or not. It doesn't cost you any more than buying and you save because you don't have to finance the taxes.

1st Feb 2008, 16:24

I too have a 2004 Aveo; I did not buy it, my parents gave it to me new one Christmas. I like nothing about the car, except the case that holds your eyeglasses.

I had to have new tires before 10000 miles.

The clock resets itself.

The keyhole is so far in the door and it's flimsy; it's hard to open the door.

However the worst thing that has happened was at 15000.00 miles; I heard a slight knocking, checked the oil, was fine, looked a little thick, within in one week, the clatter was so loud, and the engine oil was like chunky peanut butter.

Had the oil changed, dealer said nothing wrong with the car.

Two months later, the check engine light began flashing every other day. The car was losing oil, had to check oil every three days.

Dealer said nothing wrong. The engine light has now been on steady for 3 months, two shops did not even want to work on the car, because every time they have worked on one, the owner came back with more problems and blamed them.

Now that the warranty is over, the dealer has found a problem, need gaskets valves, etc...l.. And because the check engine light won't go off till I get renew everything, I cannot get the car inspected because of the stupid light being on, and emissions test fail it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Be leery of the presents you accept. LOLOLO just kidding mom.

Totally Ticked in Texas.

2nd Mar 2008, 02:14

Purchased the 2005 Aveo LS, this thing is a POS. Had the same creaky / squeeky problems when going over bumps or turning, got it fixed (which they told me was just something or other needing grease added), still happens, but not as bad. Soon after the check engine light would start coming on at around 65 MPH. Only happened in the morning or at night. Been in the shop 4 times in the last 2 weeks for this problem, they cannot fix it! First they blew out the injectors, then replaced spark plugs and wires, then re-aligned the intake and reset computer, now something in the intake is getting machined and the exhaust is getting looked at (instructed by GM when they were done scratching their heads trying to figure it out). I know damn well that engine light is going to start blinking at me again.

Luckily for me I got a good deal on it. 2005 bought in 2006 with only 6K miles on it, I am currently at 19,500 miles on it and I do not trust it at all. All I owe on it is $3500 and I am going to trade it in as soon as I get it back from the chevy dealer. I am not messing around with this car anymore. Daewoo crap is what it is.

Beware people, this car should not be purchased.

15th Mar 2008, 01:24

My 2005 Chevy Aveo had ignition switch trouble - Wd40 solution.

Replaced AT shifter cable that stuck in park at 7000 miles.

41000 miles replaced serpentine alternator belt - shredded.

Two weeks later the timing belt broke - yesterday.

My repair guy mentioned all the 2004 melted down engines. Will call tomorrow to see if he'll risk working on it. Broke just as I was going downhill into my town, and the power brakes stopped the car with lots of pushing the pedal. The power brakes must be connected to the timing belt. I'll call the dealer but will probably get the usual service department treatment that this will cost $$$'s.

They charged me twice to fix a geo air conditioner by saying that you didn't tell us to fix that part. The AC quit a week later and was out of repair money. Rode out the 105 degree weather until the motor blew up. Always have changed my oil religiously every 3000 miles.

Sounds like these Chevy boys are trained to charge you for service, no matter how big the lemon. Keeps their stock up.