6th Mar 2006, 10:14

To the March 5th poster:

You show me where you can get a new Scion xA or Yaris for the $6995 NEW I paid for my NEW Aveo SVM and I'll gladly sign up.

7th Mar 2006, 06:47

I've had my bright blue 2005 Aveo LT sedan now since September, and it has approximately 9100 miles on it. I took it to the dealer a few weeks ago for a sticky throttle body (turns out it was bad gas that caused excessive carbon build up) and uneven rotors. They informed me while I was there that there was a recall on the computer that was simply an update of software. So three hours later I get a call that they went to update the computer software and fried the car's computer. They had to replace it with a brand new computer, but since I got it back, the gas mileage has been not so good. My Aveo at the last fill up got an overall of 23 MPG. But it is slowly improving. I'm starting to slowly, but surely get more mileage out of my tank of gas. You just have to give it a little bit of time, but it will improve. If not, take it to the dealer, they should be able to help you. Also, I've noticed that the gas mileage doesn't get really "good" until you hit about 7000 miles. That's when I think that my engine was finished breaking in. There was a sharp increase in my fuel economy.

The Aveo still none the less is a great car for it's class and price. What other car can you get for $12000 that comes with a sunroof, CD/MP3 player, keyless entry with alarm, power locks/ windows, and a really nice ride to it? Not many. Especially not a Scion or a Toyota or a Honda. Sure, it's really a Daewoo, but that doesn't make it bad by any means. Daewoo, despite what some bitter owners may say, are not bad cars at all. And for the last 9100 miles, my Daewoo/Chevrolet Aveo has been 100% great. Good luck with yours.

28th Apr 2006, 16:17

I bought a brand new 2005 Chevy Aveo at the end of October 2005.

As I was driving it home, I felt a shake. Well it was a Saturday, so I called right away. They told me to bring it in on Monday.

I took it in, and they said the front hub assembly was bad, so they would replace it. Oh no, we made a mistake, the rotors are bad. We will grind them because that is all GM will authorize.

I told them they could have the car back and I should have at that point, but I bought a car because I needed one. So they offered to replace them.

Well to this day it has increased by getting worse. I am still having a problem when over 70. I think the bolts will fall out.

I took it back in two days ago, and well they told me that all four rims were bent and that I had to have gotten into an accident. Well I have never gotten into an accident with any car, and so I said, no. They pulled a car-fax report and what do you know, I hadn’t been in an accident.

The rotor repair the first time took three weeks 2 days. I have now had it in the shop over 3 months and 3 times for one little thing called the transmission or engine slipping. GM offered me to pay one of my monthly payments I do not think so. I have met one of the lemon law (state of Wisconsin and GM) qualifications and almost the other. I have had the vehicle for 6 months and half of which it has been in the shop. GM will buy back this lemon. GM told me this is all they will offer, because I am just using the warranty as explained when purchased It was not explained that I would have to take my vehicle into the shop every other day. And that it would cost me double what I paid in less than one year.

19th May 2006, 15:27

I own a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo that currently has about 11,000 miles on it. The gas mileage is poor for it being such a small car. I average 27 miles per gallon on the highway (the Aveo is advertised at 35 miles per gallon on the highway).

Is there anyone who knows how to get this bug fixed? My wife and I want to sell our car and buy something else. I would like to get this problem fixed first before I sell it.

26th Jun 2006, 16:37

Few people get the advertised EPA fuel mileage on any car. You can usually deduct about 20% from the EPA figures. With that said, 16 for the Aveo indicates MAJOR problems somewhere. It should get at least 28. And yes, the Toyota Corolla gets better mileage, but for the extra $10,000 you'll save buying the Aveo you can buy a LOT of gas, plus the quality is every bit as good as Toyota. The Aveo is a very well built car.

13th Sep 2006, 08:35

Try going to different gas stations. I have a 2005 Aveo with 20000 miles on it. some stations I get as low as 25 mpg and at others I get 40 mpg. your problem could be as simple as the quality of gas you are using.

8th Dec 2008, 12:32

Purchased my Aveo Oct, 2005. Gas mileage around 20. Very, very sad. The best mileage was with all highway and premium gas at 28 MPG. Please what gas station you ware talking about. I have try most of the major 1's with very little difference. Thank You.

11th Dec 2008, 21:16

The Aveo is really not such a bad car, but I can't for the life of me see paying the same (or more) for it as for the larger, smoother, faster, more reliable Cobalt or Pontiac G-5 (which is made here by GM, and is not a captive import). The Cobalt/G-5 are rated HIGHER in gas mileage than the Aveo!!

26th Feb 2009, 10:10

I have a 2005 Chevy Aveo with 50,000, no problems yet.

My gas mileage with a manual 5 speed is 32 city and 37 highway.

When driving for high mileage on the highway don't go over 60 mph. I tried it on a trip of 440 miles and got 44 mpg.

26th Feb 2009, 18:28

To 10:10: Congratulations on a GREAT little car. A word of warning, however. These cars require timing belt replacement at 60,000 miles and you can seriously damage your engine by not having this part of your routine maintenance done promptly when it is due. I read of a lot of people who ignore this very important part of their maintenance and end up paying a high price for it.

5th Mar 2009, 20:53

I bought a 2005 Aveo and I love it. I have 79,000 miles on it and it runs great. I drive about 100 miles a day, and get 32-36 miles to the gallon. I keep a speed of 60-65.

5th Sep 2009, 11:48

The Aveo isn't a really great car, but it's not really bad either. I considered one but ended up purchasing an '08 Civic instead. I get about 46 MPG highway (which is what I mostly drive). I achieve this by going no faster than 60 MPH.

20th Sep 2010, 22:23

I was fortunate enough to inherit my 2005 Aveo hatchback back in 2007. I had to finish making the payments where my grandmother left off... it currently has 85,xxx miles on it, I have beaten it up a bit, and my fiance wrecked it once.

I've never been acquainted with a car (GM or otherwise) that doesn't give up like this one. I have easily fifteen hundred in upgrades on it. I dare any Honda/Toyota/Scion four cylinder to out-run it because lots of people have tried, and the only person my little Aveo disappoints, is the guy watching my taillights shrink in front of him.