8th Jan 2002, 18:51

I must comment on your disrespect toward American vehicles. I would ask that you not base your entire American car experience on one car. Particularly a Chevrolet. Ford makes some very fine automobiles. Very dependable and affordable. Perhaps you just put your eggs in the wrong basket.

17th Jan 2002, 17:11

Maybe if your wife knew how to drive and was not so hard on the car it would have been more reliable! My Girlfriend bought a 96 berretta used with 40k on it and it runs like a top.

6th May 2002, 23:02

I don't own a Chevy and never have, but my mom has a '95 z26 and it's awesome. A buddy of mine has a '94 z26 and loves it. Every car has the potential to be junk regardless of model and make. It's all the luck of the draw. Maybe if you knew what to look for you wouldn't have the problems you have. Just my 2 cents! BTW you forgot to complain about having to pay for the gas it uses!

10th Oct 2003, 20:44

Just to answer a few questions:

Yes, there was a Z26 package for the GT... it consisted mainly of suspension upgrades iirc.

We paid about $13,000 for it new, all options except digital dash and rear defroster.

I've owned several American cars, this was one of the worst.

My wife rarely breaks 40mph, as she never drives out of the city. She's on her 4th car in 56 years.

5th Oct 2004, 09:34

Well I'm glad your going to If so Vancouver. you'll never tear-up another beretta ever, it makes me want to cry that you could even drive a beretta hard enough to break it, gosh did your wife drive around with the e-brake on and he food on the gas and brake??

18th Aug 2005, 13:05

There was no Beretta Z26 for this model year. Are you shure you know what car you're talking about?

23rd Nov 2005, 20:15

Look through any option book for 1988 Chevrolets and you'll see the Z26 sport package for the Beretta.

9th Jul 2007, 13:12

I agree that the Beretta was a hunk of feces. GM built over a million Berettas & Corsicas - where are they now? (see that soda pop can on your desk?)

28th Jan 2009, 16:01

What's with these people crying over the fact that the poster allegedly "destroyed" a Beretta? These cars self-destructed on their own; I was a mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership in the early 90's and dealt with too many of these.