20th Aug 2001, 13:02

I am a proud owner of a very nice looking Beretta. This car has gone through its share of maintenance, but believe me- it's WELL worth it. I would not sell my car for the world. I would not give up my Beretta for ANY new car on the market. I would love for Chevrolet to bring this line of cars back.

And YES the door panels have struck for me too.

6th May 2003, 00:09

I got my 89 Beretta GT 2.8 V6 in Dec. of 1997. I needed to replace my used 89 Cavalier, which didn't last me 3 yrs!. I wanted a Pontiac Grand Prix and when I saw the Beretta, I fell in love. I wanted the car (which reminded me of the Grand Prix) and it was the first one I looked at!! Yes, I have the problem with the door panel.. if you are talking about coming apart (the screw hole dryrotted)...and the dash cracking (of course my EX husband made it worse by punching it... does anyone know where I can find a cover for it??) and there seemed to be problems with the paint in 1989 Chevy's. She looks pitiful b/c I can't afford a paint job.. she is maroon with spots...: (The headliner is falling, but other than that, the main problems I have had was the fuel pump and recently the dash lights (digital dash) went out and needs bulb replacements. Oh and the rear view mirror fell off (that can be fixed in a heart beat). I LOVE THAT CAR!!! My husband and I have a newer mini van that gives us more trouble than the Beretta.. we were talking on getting a new mini van and selling the old and keeping the Beretta. It is my baby, and I want to fix her (and I refer her as a girl... her name is Speedy-don't get me wrong, I am a woman, but somehow, you can tell my Beretta is a girl). I can't wait to... Anyone having any paint problems?? E-mail me! villakat2@yahoo.com.