3rd Jan 2005, 22:45

I have owned 2 Berettas, a 1988 2.0 4 cylinder automatic, and my current is a 1993 3.1 v-6 automatic. I love my beretta! - both of them. I had almost 200,000 miles on my 88 beretta, and I put 150,000 of them on it myself. it was a great car - even though it was only a 2.0 engine - I used it to deliver pizzas with, and I never had too many problems with the car even though I beat the crap out of it delivering with it... sure I had to put money into it - but mostly due to using it for deliveries... I learned to fix most of the engine myself so it did not really cost too much to fix most of the time... the car still ran fairly well when I got rid of it - which I did not want to do, but I needed the money!!!

My other beretta is a 93 gtz - 3.1 v-6 auto. this is my favorite car I have owned to date. I wish it was a stick shift, but considering the fact it is not - I still love it, - it has about 165,000 miles on the engine, and it still runs awesome. of course again I have had to put a few bucks into it, but again my own fault - I am stupid enough to use this car for work too... but I do what work I can on it - which have been pretty simple things so far, and of course oil changes and air filters etc... etc... - I do use up my tires faster than I should, but that is because I like to push on the gas pedal and leave the rubber on the pavement behind me!!! the interior is almost perfect and it still runs great!!! minor fixer uppers, but what car does not have that after 165,000 miles???

Any problems I have had with either of my berettas, are due to normal wear and tear - or it has been from me abusing the car like an idiot. I love the beretta, I know several other people that have them too, and feel the same as I do about them!!! overall- when I need to buy another car - it will probably be another beretta!!!

20th Jan 2005, 17:40

I think you just got a lemon, they ar not bad cars, in fact they are underestimated a lot.

18th Feb 2005, 08:18

I have a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta, it is my first car. I love it to death, I bought it with over 100,000 miles and I have put almost 60,000 on since then. I love it and it was worth every cent. My car will definitely make it to 300,000 miles. Thanks.

22nd Apr 2005, 19:13

I have a 95 Beretta and it runs awesome. There is almost 100,000 miles on it, and it is running as good as it was the first day we bought it! Everything still works like the air conditioning, ect... and I was told by my mechanic that it is in great shape. I think Beretta's are as good or even better than other cars.

24th Oct 2005, 10:01

I own a '95 Chevy Beretta V6, 3.1L. I have, likewise, had issues with the cup holders. I made them work. I have 153,000 miles on the car, and I expect to put about $1k into the car annually to keep it running. That's what you do with older vehicles. Most of your problems are from plastic breaking. It's hard to imagine that so many parts have broken in your car and not in anyone else's. I am going to drive this car until the wheels fall off. It is much better than my wife's Pontiac GP.

22nd Jun 2007, 23:15

I just purchased a 1995 Beretta Z26 with 120K miles on it for my teenage son. It's a great looking car, in/out, and everything works on it, except the "remote" locking feature on the driver's door. Was like that when purchased, but I consider that a very minor issue, and he can just unlock it with the key. Am hoping it serves my teenager well. Will post an update soon on how well he does with it...:)

26th Jan 2008, 23:32

I have owned my 1995 Beretta z26 for about ten years now, it had 16k on it when I bought it.

Overall it has been a very good car and well worth the money.

We live where it snows and the salt has not rusted out the car by any means. In fact it looks as good as when I bought it.

The z now has just over 200k on it and while it has lost some of its spunk, I think it probably has another 50k left in it.

Some of the problems I have had are minor, both control arms have been replaced, I was told the factory ones were not designed right and the bushings fall out of the socet. The new ones from GM have different sockets so it is not an issue.

At 16k the intake manifold gaskets failed and the dealer installed new ones along with changing out the plastic valve covers for aluminum pieces under recall and warranty.

I have put 2 batteries, 2 alternators in along with several coil packs, always the same one.

Radiator cracked at outlet around 140k and water pump around 190k, no big deal.

The car does go through a set of brakes fairly quickly, always the front.

Air cond has always worked perfeclty and is ice cold.

Car has good heat, but not the best if had in a car, mainly due I think because of the ducting in the dash.

I've gotten about 50k on every set of tires, I always stick with Goodyear, although the do ride stiff.

I drive this car daily up to 90 miles one way to work and never worry about breaking down. Gas mileage is still around 29 miles per gallon in summer, winter it drops off a little.

Overall I would recommend this car to anyone, but it is like any thing you buy, you take care of it and it will last a long time. I have spent a lot of time washing, waxing, changing the oil to keep it in excellent condition.

I hope this review helps someone out there who is looking at buying one, I've had very good luck with mine.

28th Jul 2008, 06:37

I agree with your choice of going to Japanese cars; American cars really don't last as long. I bought my 84 Accord when it was brand new, and it now has 768,000 kms and it's running great! On a recent road trip it got 45mpg! That's more than a brand new cobalt and this is faster!

I do rev my engine high sometimes, but only when the oil is warm enough (I use fully synthetic).

I have had the air conditioning recharged once at 450,000 kms, and that's it, she has always been garage kept, there's not even a spot of rust.

If you take care of a Honda, they really do last forever. I'm going to drive this car until it falls apart.

28th Jul 2008, 12:06

I don't know what the original comment was complaining about, some of those problems amaze me. An "S- Belt" that lasts 75,000 to 100,000 miles? A battery that last 100,000 miles?

Heck sounds pretty good to me. A broken cup holder, a broken "turn signal" 9 not sure if the previous comment about location is right), a motor rebuild and a new tranny?

Sounds like abuse to me.