1986 Chevrolet Blazer S-10 4x4 2.8 litre V6 from North America


An off-road beast!


Had to replace intake manifold gasket due to poor repair on behalf of previous owner.

Fuel pump went.

Every thing else has just been routine maintenance.

General Comments:

Although this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing automobile, I do have to give it some kudo's for being an off-road beast. its crossed creek after creek and never have I had to put it in low range. simply crazy what this thing can do. I never would've guessed it before. very reliable and dependable. good set of wheels.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

18th May 2005, 22:00

This comment is 100% correct

1986 Chevrolet Blazer S10 2.8 liter FI from North America


It blazes a trail for the most part


Date Miles part replaced.

10-16-88 43,500 New Battery.

03-05-89 55,200 up/low radiator hoses.

04-26-89 59,000 4 new tires.

04-02-90 70,408 New Battery, pro rated.

04-11-90 70,800 New clutch plate assy.

06-06-90 72,000 Tie rods all and rear shocks.

09-18-90 77,446 rear brakes plus wheel cyl rebuild.

11-30-91 99,085 Rear brakes, new drums, new wheel cylinders.

05-05-92 106,000 Replace Dist. cap, rotor and signal controller/amplifier.

09-10-92 111,272 Std. 5 speed transmission rebuilt includes new clutch assy.

03-01-93 122,200 Fan clutch.

03-24-93 119,000 4 new ATX Firestone tires as were originals.

03-29-93 122,100

Radiator cap 15lb.

10-23-93 128,109 Front disc brakes. Turn Rotors.

04-29-94 132,800 Radiator. Install Heavy duty radiator with additional cooling cores.

04-29-94 132,800 Water pump and heater hoses.

08-14-94 137,000 New alternator (rebuilt).

10-01-94 138,266 Battery new champion silver 750 series.

11-13-95 139,500 headlights (2) each.

04-22-95 144,628 Distributor cap, rotor, and control module amplifier.

06-12-95 146,149 Battery Delco 750.

07-31-95 147,607 Steering coupler.

09-18-95 149,468 Alternator (rebuilt)

03-21-96 158,000 Replaced rear hatch lock.

03-26-96 158,000 New roof liner.

05-05-96 159,000 Rear brakes and drums.

08-26-96 161,468 Front shocks.

08-20-97 171, 213 Handle for emergency brake.

06-07-98 175,000 New two-tone paint job same as original by MAACO - 4 year warranty.

06-02-98 177,732 Gabriel lifetime heavy duty front shocks.

01-07-99 183,763 Alternator (rebuilt).

03-22-99 185,551 Starter (rebuilt).

07-06-99 188,053 In/Out tie rods and idler arm.

08-31-99 189,329 Front brakes. Resurface rotors.

05-09-00 194,314 4 new passenger tires. Truck tires now too noisy and not necessary.

08-26-00 196,299 A/C compressor and all related parts for air conditioning.

09-07-00 196,454 Clutch slave cylinder and turn clutch face.

12-21-01 207,768 New rear brakes and turn drums.

02-08-02 208,972 Battery.

05-11-02 211, 573 Replace muffler and tail pipes assy from rear of catalytic converter.

02-12-03 218,433 Distributor cap, rotor and control amplifier.

02-12-03 218,433 Fuel pump Relay.

General Comments:

In the first 5 years, the electric door locks assembly had to be replaced on both sides of the vehicle. The 10th year, the motor in the drivers door had to be replaced. These items are not shown in the list. Currently, it appears that the fuel pump assembly is bad and will need to be replaced. This could be very expensive as it is mounted inside the gas tank.

It would seem unfair of me to say anything really bad. Parts go bad and that is the game in the auto industry. You create jobs by making parts that last for a brief period. Else, all parts would be gold plated with a lifetime warranty and there would be no parts support in the field. This vehicle is in Florida most of it's life. It seems to be hard on batteries as the air conditioning system is used 9 months of the year on "high speed." To quote prices would not seem practical. For the most part, air conditioning and transmission work are very expensive. Automotive magazine has pointed out that those two items are real profit makers for the shop owners. I did most of my own work except for the AC and transmission. The vehicle had regular 4,000 mile oil changes. Belts all replaced every 40,000 miles in sets. Average life of a basic radiator with a 50/50 mix is 7 years tops. 5-speed transmission 100,000 if you treat her nice. Clutch, 75,000 miles. I always use 3rd party repair. The dealer is a last resort and then I never trust them to think for me. They replace, not fix parts. We call them a parts jockey in the electronics industry. This S-10 Blazer, 2-door V6 2.8 liter throttle-body injection vehicle has done it's job and then some.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003

12th Jul 2004, 18:24

You are having much better luck than I did with my 86 blazer. I had to replace the transmission, put in a short block, replace the vaccum switch for 4WD, combat rust and fight a bad oil pump ontop of the stuff you mentioned until I finally threw in the towel and give it to charity. I'd never buy a blazer again.