27th Aug 2004, 20:41

I had a Chevy S10 1986 Blazer from new and I hated it for most of time I had it (12 years). The S10 engine was completely powerless nearly needing all of the first three gears to cross a city intersection. I was told by mechanics that sure it was bad, but I should see the others. They said the Chevy S10 was the best of the 80's SUV's.

13th Sep 2004, 12:13

I agree with the review. I've owned a 1985 S15 (GMC) Pickup with the 4 cylinder, TBI, and the 4 speed transmission, no A/C. That thing was a monster, I don't very much like to admit this, but one night while driving home here in Phoenix, there was a lot of construction on the road that day, so it was dirt filled and such.. well a coyote jumped infront of me, and I swirved, and the truck hit a wall going about 45.

No damage, at all. THe paint was slightly scratched, but no real damage. It was amazing, I just backed out, knocked on the people's door, gave them my info, and headed home.

It eventually died when the timing belt went (Crappy maintence on me), and the valves went under with it. Wasn't worth repairing.. SO!

I did what any normal person would do, I bought a 1985 S10 Blazer with the 2.8l V6 (Carb'd, hazzah! Easy to fix). 4x4, etc etc, it's a real blast. It's a mild mannered vehicle on the road, not enough to burn out or any such nonsense, but enough to move ya from point a to b, and c and d :) It's a comfy ride, and adults fit nicely in the back. Also, off road its rather capable for a stock vehicle.. enough to get me to school more than a few days when it had been raining and the roads were clogged, which meant off road time. (My school has 1 main road to it, and a whole lot of desert around it). All in all, I completly recommend it.

Now be honest with yourself, its almost 20 years old.. it will require replaced parts. So don't get into it unless you plan to be replacing and fixing (IE Learning how a truck works), but its OK.. because GM offers as a package from GM Goodwrench, a conversion kit to the 3.4l Camaro v6 (a nice option), for about 1800$

Good times.


22nd Jun 2005, 19:53

I'd like to know how you crashed straight into a wall at 45 mph and had no damage. New cars get tested at 25 and 30 and get beat to pulps from simulated crashes, yet a truck hits a wall (or house, not sure) at 45 and gets nothing. Doesn't make sense to me. :/

@Chevy Blazers, get the full size with a small block V8. Most of the S10's are not very well put together in my opinion.

4th Oct 2005, 11:37

I have an '86 Blazer equipped with the sport package and all I can say is that it is a great truck. I had the engine replaced just before the truck turned 100,000 miles, and the transmission rebuilt at around 115,000. however this is just normal wear and tear. I have to be carefull when I shift into 4 wheel because the release button doesn't fully stop the shifter from going into neutrel. But it gets great millage for an SUV. It sits high enough that I can see over little cars, yet it's small enough to fit in a compact parking space. These are great trucks to have.