1996 Chevrolet Blazer LX V6 Vortec from Germany


A nice small SUV


Transmission slips sometimes, jumps from drive to overdrive and back a lot.

Will not shift into overdrive if the weather is 40 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Poorly designed braking system.

Extremely poor fuel economy around town, OK on highway.

General Comments:

The performance of this vehicle is better than I expected.

The blazer handles very nicely. The ride is quiet and comfortable.

The fuel mileage is good on the highway, but around town is the worst I have ever seen on any vehicle I have ever owned.

I estimate 5-7 mpg around town, this is with a tuneup, properly inflated tires and taking it easy, as in not flooring it and driving fast.

15 MPG on highway at best.

The brake system is poor, when compared to other vehicles I own. I have replaced front and back, everything and still the brakes are poor. Not a good design I suppose.

The interior is nice and comfortable.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2005

21st Jul 2005, 21:32

I just wanted to say that I can get 16 mpg around town, and about 20 on the highway. You did say something about your transmission slipping though, that could very well be where the problem lies. Good Luck.

26th Aug 2005, 09:19

I'm checking on the transmission now... but compared to my Explorer they both run the same miles per hour at the same rpms...example... 100 mph 2900 on both vehicles... but I do feel it slip when I take off, like I'm towing a boat behind me...

4th Dec 2005, 21:18

There must be something wrong to get only 5-7 mpg from one of these little Blazers. That's the kind of mileage you expect from a 7.2 L 1969 Roadrunner racing at every stoplight.

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 3.1 V6 from North America


Less than perfect vehicle


Serpentine belt has been squeaky since vehicle was purchased. Has not caused any problems, it is just annoying.

Loud clunking noise from the front right of vehicle. Dealership had the car for 2 weeks and could not define the problem. Still hasn't been fixed, but hasn't caused any noticeable problems.

Vehicle starts hard, always has, but has never failed to start, most likely a compression problem.

Pitman arm replaced at 107,000 again at 113,500 and yet again at 134,000.

Idler arm replaced at 110,000 and again at 134,000.

Electronic ABS engage uneccessarily ever since they were supposedly fixed at 108,000. They are far too sensitive now.

Rear axle and rear seals replaced at 123,000. I installed a used axle so it was not as expensive.

Oxygen censor and catalytic converter replaced at 117,500.

Front upper and lower ball joints have been a constant problem and have both been replaced two times since I have owned the vehicle.

Intake Gaskets leak slowly, I have not replaced them yet, but will need to before this summer because I will need the car for long trips.

Brakes are not set up correctly for this vehicle, way too much pressure on the front brakes. When friends drive this car they always notice how hard it is to stop this vehicle compared to their own.

General Comments:

It may be that I just got a bad used car, but I have spent almost as much in repairs as I did to purchase the Blazer.

It seems the truck cannot run more than a few months without something breaking.

It is a comfortable ride and has quite a bit of power for a small SUV.

I wish I would have kept my Corsica which got better gas mileage and also was easier to work on.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 from North America


I would buy another used one again any day of the week


The heater motor/blower stopped working at 155000 miles.

The intake gasket started taking in antifreeze at 155000 miles.

The drivers seat is starting to get small holes around the seams.

General Comments:

Considering the mileage and use of this vehicle, it is great.

The dash lights can leave a lot to be desired.

All problems are handled cheaply and accurately by a local mechanic, not the dealers.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2005