1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 Vortec from North America


Very well designed and built


40,000 replaced front brake pads.

60,000 miles fuel pump failed.

75,000 power steering pump failed.

80,000 thermostat failed also flushed cooling system. Also had all brake pads changed.

90,000 belt tensioner idler pulley.

General Comments:

This has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. We have had some problems as listed above, but they have been relatively inexpensive to repair and not unusual for the miles, most I did myself or had a local (non dealer) mechanic repair them. I make sure all fluids are changed per the manual. We have heard about others having problems with the Blazer, but our experience has been great.

We pull a 3,000 lb boat and also pull a wood hauling trailer a lot. The 4.3 has plenty of power for this.

Comfort is good, but passenger foot room could be better. In the winter cold air comes in through the door handles.

We average 19 to 21 MPG and have gotten as high as 25 MPG on trips. I feel this is good for the weight and power of this vehicle.

The blazer is tight with no rattles and looks and drives like it only has half the miles on it. I plan on keeping this Blazer for quite a while yet.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2002

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 cu.in. from North America


A sturdy, attractive vehicle which I feel safe having my wife drive


The fuel pump needed replacement at 80,000 miles.

I've replace the electric motor for the right front power window.

The tensioner pulley on the drive belt needed replacement at 85,000 miles.

Four Wheel Drive is not working and the actuator needs replacement.

Brake system not working properly and makes a grinding sound on ice.

Idle control has been a problem although it is working at the present time.

General Comments:

My Blazer is basically a good solid, dependable vehicle. It is a nice looking vehicle and the body is rattle free and tight. My wife enjoys sitting up high, although in a cross wind it tends to be unstable.

The 4 wheel drive is problematic although the controls on the dash are easy to use. Poor brakes have been a problem for me as I live in a snowy climate where braking on ice is critical. This vehicle is fairly easy to work on and I do all of my own mechanical work.

The comfort level of my Blazer is above average and we have made many long trips in comfort. The air conditioning is excellent and the heater system adequate. Fit and finish is good and my wife is very happy with this vehicle as her primary vehicle. Whether in rain, ice, or snow, I feel safe knowing that she is driving this sturdy vehicle. Also the mileage is in the lower 20's which I feel is excellent for a vehicle of this weight.

The body has been rust free inspite of the heavy salt use on our winter roads.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2002

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 Vortec from North America


Avoid this company: Chevrolet


300 miles after purchase, alternator went out.

750 miles after purchase, first time check engine light turns on.

800 miles after purchase, first time ABS light turns on.

1500 miles after purchase, changed the front brakes, thought the ABS light would turn off, it did!!!

1700 miles after purchase, replaced the plugs and wires to try and get the check engine light to shut off. It didn't help.

1800 miles after purchase, replaced the fuel pump and fuels lines. Clogged and cracked. Quality products only.

2000 miles after purchase the Air Conditioning quit. Freon had leaked somewhere. Numerous trips to the shop turned up nothing. Had to replace all the hoses.

2200 miles after purchase the Air Compressor went out, very conveniently after the A/C work was done.

2500 miles after purchase, the Check Engine light is still on.

3000 miles after purchase, driver's side power window motor burns out. Replaced myself.

3500 miles after purchase the driver's side power seat motor burns out. I just leave it alone.

4000 miles after purchase, the CD player eats my CD and won't give it back. I just leave it alone.

5000 miles after purchase, the Check Engine light is still on, replaced the O2 sensor, costly and doesn't help. Actually the second time I did this.

6500 miles after purchase, replace four tires, tread was gone, this was just a wear and tear repair, will happen to everyone. Oh yeah, the check engine light is still on.

7000 miles after purchase, the front brakes are squeaking so bad, I took it to the shop, they said I need new brakes. Apparently the problem is that the computer is giving more pressure to the front than the back.

8000 miles air conditioning has quit again. I am leaving it as is.

8500 miles after purchase, Cold weather sets in and guess what, the check engine light has gone off. My guess is that it finally burnt out.

9250 miles after purchase, recently rode on a trip to the south and brought back a visitor. Yep that's right, the Check Engine light is back on, I sure missed her.

That's it, no more, I am selling this hunk of junk. Nissan here I come!!!

General Comments:

The only I repeat the only good thing about this piece of junk is that the seat are extremely comfortable. Too bad you can't sit in them too long, because you are always getting out to check under the hood.

I can't get the Check Engine light to turn off, which means absolutely no resale value. I am trying to buy a new car and the dealer laughed at me when I brought this thing in for a trade.

Sorry I hate this vehicle, sure I might have gotten a terrible one, but I will never never never buy a Chevy again. It is hard to be patriotic and buy American when you have to walk to work.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2001

17th Jan 2002, 19:29

Obviously this Blazer was driven hard and put away wet. 78,000 miles on a 3 year old vehicle? You get what you pay for.

1st Mar 2002, 11:16

I Believe it read 7,800 miles not 78,000, read it again.

12th Jul 2002, 20:37

This is clearly not the norm. Chevy would not have the rep nor the return customers that they do if this sort of thing happened even occasionally let alone allot. Either something was very wrong with this truck before he bought it (and he did not do a good job of checking it out first) or he is exaggerating the claim. I have two 96 Chevy truck (one sub. and one Tahoe) and they have been great trucks. I also worked in the repair industry for 13 years and the quality for the three major US makers has been doing nothing but getting better and better. I don't know what happened to this guy, but it's not what to expect from GM (or Ford and Chrysler either). By the way, the check engine light is seldom the O2 sensor. He should have had a quality shop use diagnostic equipment to find out what the computer was trying to tell him. However, even when it says faulty O2 sensor, it's usually something else causing the O2 sensor to read outside of the normal range. Usually it's an intake leak or other sensor that has failed causing a lean or rich condition.