1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L from North America


Awsome Luxury suv


Nothing yet I just bought it. I will be posting any problems with in the year. I love this truck it is fast and comfortable.

General Comments:

I Love this Blazer.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

9th Oct 2004, 20:08

"Awsome" is also spelled "Awesome". But, I am glad you have had good luck with your Blazer, I am looking at buying one for myself.

14th Jul 2005, 02:45

Your Welcome. I purchased my Blazer with 79k or so and now have 106k or so and the most expensive part I have replaced was the water pump.

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 from North America


I like the SUV, but will not buy another


I had to replace ball joints.

I replaced thermostat 2 times

I had the radiator flushed.

I got a new radiator due to the Dexcool antifreeze that Gm recomends. I causes your car to overheat it builds up and looks like mud and clogs up everything.

General Comments:

I do not recommend anyone to buy this kind of vehicle till you research it good.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

9th Apr 2004, 00:59

Research it "well".

I thought there was a grammar policy?

Actually I now have over 130,000 miles on my '96 Blazer, and I love it!

I've driven it all over North America, Mexico, Canada, Alaska and coast to coast!

My 14 year old daughter and I drive it off road, in 4-wheel drive.

We have been off road all over Arizona, Oregon and Canada.

We love it!


9th Jul 2004, 14:55

The reason your cooling system clogged up wasn't because of the dexcool GM recommends, someone has topped up your coolant with green antifreeze. This is a big no-no, they will not mix. It also isn't a bad idea to flush your cooling system once in a while.

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L V6 from North America


The best 4WD in America (Jeep, eat your heart out!)


110000: Transmission was replaced, due to rough treatment more than anything else. $2500.

198000: Radiator blew, which caused the engine to over heat, and then seize-up. Required replacement. Again, largely due to mistreatment. It could have been prevented. $6500.

265000: Clutch went out. Required replacement. This is only the second clutch this car has needed. The first came with the transmission at 110000 miles. $900.

General Comments:

This is without a doubt the best car I have ever owned. It can climb any mountain, drive on any amount of snow, and pull a trailer as well as a truck twice it's size. It has with only three minor exceptions, no problems.

The first exception is that the cruise control quit working at about 230000 miles. Not sure why, but it wasn't a big deal, and I've never bothered to fix it.

Secondly, it developed a minor electrical short that caused the battery to drain, involving the overhead dome light. I disconnected the dome light and had no more problems with it. It wasn't important enough to fix.

Third, and this is by far the worst of the problems. The windshield wipers will occasionally stop working with no notice. They can be got working again by stopping, getting out and moving them back and forth manually until the motor catches again. Their has been a recall on this problem, that I have not bothered to fix yet, so I really only have myself to blame (Strangely my Blazer started exhibiting this problem about 3 months after the recall.).

All in all, it has been good car, and has endured hard driving, long trips, and indifferent maintenance.

I might add that all the times it broke down, it did so either at home, in sight of a repair shop, or on the way to get the problem fixed in the first place. Also the one time I ran out of gas was 13 feet from the gas pump :)

My next car will be a Chevy Blazer.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2003

18th Jun 2005, 16:39

I have owned Chevrolet products for just over 15 years. I have one left now, because of declining reliability. It is a '96 S10 blazer. I have put 4 heater coils, 2 full AC jobs with the second job requiring a condenser, ball joints and tie rods three times, and it was about to require its fourth. Fortunately for the fuel pump job, but unfortunate for the fact that I hadn't sold it yet, the second transmission leaked and caught it on fire to the point that the entire passenger side engine compartment has no wiring left. My JEEP WRANGLER has had not a single problem and ran circles around this piece when it was running. You can try to bring jeep into your fantasy world, but its obviously your first one and you won't talk mess about Ford because: A. They're both foreign produced pieces (Check under just your windshield washer fluid bottle for starters). and B? They both are currently losing on average? 7-10% a month of American automobile sales. Check your stats before you talk crazy about my vehicle. When you want to come here and follow me, you let me know. We'll make you look bad if the fuel pump doesn't go out before you get here...

24th Apr 2010, 00:01

Jackass above doesn't even know what a heater CORE is. It's not a heater coil bud, and I agree with the gentleman that wrote this review, my 96 Blazer has 235,980 miles on it, and other that the abuse I've put it through, I've had really no problems in the 180,000 miles it's been in our family..

My brother on the other hand has a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the I6 4.0 piece of crap motor in it, and has had nothing but problems with the thing. I'll put my Blazer up against your Jeep Wrangler any day bud! Yeeha.