1996 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 from North America


Good for your Value if you don't get a lemon


Soon after purchasing the vehicle I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor. Cost $60.

Replaced Thermostat 4 times. Cost $200 So expensive cause I had to have it towed to a garage at -40C the last time.

Replaced Heater core. Cost $150.

Replaced transmission after loosing 3rd and 4rth. Probably caused due to sluggish shifting in all ranges from day of purchase. Were horribly designed transmissions. Installed new one with shift kit installed. Now stays in overdrive even when in slight headwind.

Replaced rear engine seals, front U-Joint for front drive shaft, and replaced vacuum switch when they did transmission. Total cost $2300.

4X4 system likes to stay in 4HI or switch into it on its own when it rains heavily or in the spring after the snow starts melting. Then will blow the fuse and every new you put till the wiring harness dries out. Never did this until the transmission was replaced.

Replaced alternator 3 times. One was used I was in a hurry and on a trip the other one was under warranty. Cost $300.

A/C pump is gone. Have not replaced it due to cost of repairs. Will probably have to replace all of the A/C components just to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Replaced U-joints on rear drive shaft. Cost $50.

While checking out front brakes and ball joints that I knew needed replacing. I discovered that the lower control arm on the driver side was broken. Replaced front rotors, brake pads, pins and springs for brake system, upper and lower ball joints both sides and lower control arm driver side. Cost $600.

Coolant flush 3 times. Cost $120.

Leaky oil lines to oil filter and power steering. Haven't replaced them yet as it is cheaper to just add more oil.

Have switched to regular antifreeze to eliminate the sludge that forms with the Dex-a-cool antifreeze.

Replaced windshield after some idiot who passed me on gravel road at high speed. Cost $330.

Replaced idler pulley for tensioner. Cost $30.

Installed K&N air filter. Cost $60 It has helped me go from 25 Mpg to about 30 if driven conservatively at highway speeds.

General Comments:

Over all it is a very good vehicle. Most of the problems that I have had were after about 180 000 Km. I put about 10 000 Km in just the summertimes going to N. C to visit the wifes relatives. It is relatively good on fuel. Has great cargo space and the 4X4 comes in handy here in Canada during the winter. Can tow a fair sized trailer without much problem. The only thing that is wrong with mine is that the age, mileage, and wear and tear are starting to show on it. I have relatively good success with it. It has cost me a lot of money overall, but the transmission was due to towing a lot of trailers in high heat to N.C. and back.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2004

1996 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4.3L Vortec V6 from North America


An embarrassment to own


After driving it off the lot, I was feeling pretty good about abandoning my trusty ford... of which I never had ONE problem... and three hours later a piston rod broke and I had to get a new block. The vehicle had gone through a 150 point safty inspection before I decided to buy it and it passed with flying colours (go figure). Since then the following things have gone wrong with my Chevy:

The gears stripped on the driver side AND rear window wipers, so new motors had to be purchased.

Both front break master cylinders have ceased.

The heater died in the middle of November.

The electronic 4x4 got stuck in "4low" and required a new computer to be installed.

The interior lights shorted out and.

The tailgate won't lock.

General Comments:

This car bit the dust as soon as it rolled off the assembly line. I cannot believe it won consumers choice best buy AND truck of the year awards.

Don't let comfort lead you astray.

Never sell your trusty ford.

I am drastically disappointed with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004