2003 Chevrolet Blazer from North America


Great truck, but too many problems for such a low mileage


I love my truck --- but...

I have begun to have some real issues with it. I drive it daily, even up to OK from TX. Even so, I've managed to keep the mileage down -- less than 53000 at this time.

I was smart enough to buy a 6 year warranty -- good thing.

I'm now on my 4th battery -- not under warranty, so out of pocket.

At 4 years:

-- I heard a strange sound and found out the U-joints were rusted through. Very expensive, but thank God for 6-year warranties.

-- A/C unit made a loud whine, but not for the mechanic at the dealer. This went on for over a year. Finally, started throwing sparks so when I smelled something burning, they found the problem. Very expensive, but thank God for 6-year warranties.

-- Fuel pressure regulator leaking. Very expensive, but thank God for 6-year warranties.

Now, warranty has expired.

The heater core clogged by sediment. A chemical flush worked well enough that I can now have some heat.

I'm experiencing electrical issues. For example, the security light came on and stayed on for a while; the airbag light came on and stayed on for a day or so over the weekend, but when I took it to the dealer on the next Monday, it was off (figures) ; yesterday (Sunday), the gauges suddenly came on AFTER I had turned off the ignition and while I sat in the truck writing a note. I opened the door and the gauges turned off, but somewhat unnerving.

The service people at the dealer are wonderful, but they can't figure out what is causing the problem.

Finally, there are major creaks - sometimes.

Will I have a fire in my garage?

I love my Blazer and it's paid for, but I'm nervous.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2009

30th Dec 2009, 02:54

While I am not a mechanic, it sounds like the issue you are having with the speedometer, gauges, airbag light etc. could be coming from a corroded wiring harness found under the driver's seat. There is a recall that I'm fairly sure covers your year. Check it out?

30th Dec 2009, 16:54

"Will I have a fire in my garage?"

No only Fords do that. :)

2003 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 from North America


A real beauty and great to drive off the lot, but take it back in 1 week..


OK, here it is.

I just went to a dealer with a large sum of money, and said I want that Blazer, and wow I loved it at first (1000 miles), then it began...

The front upper and lower ball joints on both sides are bad, and then I went to a dealer and he said there was nothing wrong. I went to a service station and they said it's perfect, but I heard this awful sound, so I took it to a 3rd place, and they showed me what I really bought was a nightmare; it needed a new parking brake, new front rotors, and obviously the brakes were switched from the outside in, and were squealing.

Then I saw my transmission pan leaking really bad, and the bushings on everything up front were dry rotted. I had to have a estimate, yup you guessed a lot... then I went back to the other place and told them they lied and I wanted my money back, and they did, and then I ran out of there... went back to the dealer and showed him paperwork, and now here's the problem:

The 03 Blazer loaded with all options that I purchased had a new inspection and emission sticker, but the shop said it never should have passed. I was being nice, I stated that this was something I wasn't aware at the time of purchase, but it makes a noise and needs replacing, and they fought with me for days until I mentioned that since the ball joint clearance was way too much, he could lose his job, his license and company for selling vehicles with slapped on stickers. So they did replace it, although I found out that the original fuel filter was still on there after 76,000 miles - wow!!!

So I got that replaced, and then with 292 miles left on my warranty the transmission started to slip, so I'm going to do this fix myself and run it for 100 miles, and if I so much as hear a slip or feel a slip, I'm taking it to a shop and making good use of my warranty... wow that's a close one... but I really think the filter has never been changed...

I was really mad at the estimate over thousands to fix all this stuff, but I was never told anything at the dealer and I paid a lot of money; in fact I paid in full for the 03 Blazer 4x4 loaded, all power options, everything... 76,000 miles and paid upfront and drove off the lot.

Another thing that got me mad is it took 4 hours to do the paperwork. Can you imagine how much time they wasted... wow!!!

I'm thinking that I'll trade this in (1 month thank God), that I'll get another brand of vehicle.

General Comments:

Well what can you tell someone, unless you think ball joints going bad is an isolated case. I've found transmissions also go bad amongst other things...

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008