6th Aug 2010, 16:01

If you leave the keys in it, and it was running, they would take the Toyota 4Runner next to it after taking 30 minutes to break into it. GM is junk... even a smart thief wouldn't bother with it.

15th Nov 2010, 21:49

I agree. My 99 Blazer has 283000 km. I got it at 197000, this year I put 50,000 km on it and it has cost me over $4000 in repairs:

Heater core $1200.00, 2 wheel bearings, ABS sensor, oil cooler line leaking, 4x4 switch, heater switch actuator, blower motor I changed myself, it was the original one can't believe it lasted that long. Now my fuel gauge doesn't work accurately, I need a new fuel leveling sensor.

I like this SUV, but I wouldn't buy another one, I will ditch it as soon as I hit 300,000 km...

5th Dec 2010, 21:31

If you buy an 11-year-old SUV with 150,000 + miles from someone who beat the heck out of it, of course you are going to have problems. I have a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS with 176,000 + miles on it. It has had some small things go wrong with it, but overall it works OK.

25th Jan 2011, 18:36

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer, and my security light, battery light, and seat belt light, are always on.

My oil temp needle doesn't move, gas says it's empty, and the shifter does not light up.

I had to get a new key cylinder. The one I got has 2 wires and the one I had was 3 wires. I can trip the lights by turning the key on and off, so they would work, but it lasts a few seconds, but my security light was always on since I got the Blazer. Also, when I drive, it sometimes shakes, and the RPM needle moves up and down at the same time as the transmission kicks in and out.

I'm sure it has to do with the key, but what does the 3rd wire do, and can it be bypassed?

I tried putting it on the computer, and got back no codes.

I know the truck is fine, and it's an electric problem, but what?

2nd Feb 2014, 13:50

Look at the insanely high mileage on these reviews. My review would be glowing as mine was new and I bought another new one at 75k miles.