23rd May 2003, 19:17

The a.b.s. did not work and then it worked all the time. The fuel injection system had to be replaced. The a/c quit. The water pump went bad. The e.g.r. valve has stuck several times even after replacing it. Oil cooler lines leaked. Windshield wiper module has been replaced three times and the wiper motor once. The rust is just starting.

18th Jul 2003, 11:05

Wow, the review sounds exactly like my comments for the truck... as well as the comments from the comment just above this one. So many things have gone wrong with the truck I have lost count. Also had an accident because of the ABS and I agree that the recall did ABSOLUTELY nothing. I have disconnected the ABS now as I had a few instances where my foot went right to the floor. Scary, very scary. All kinds of electrical gremlins, rear window squeak, exact same rust issues...

This truck is a veritable money-pit. Yes push button 4wd is great here in Canada, but I am unable to find many other redeeming things to say about a truck I have to fix every week.

5th Oct 2003, 21:22

I have had my 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer for four years now and recently started having ABS problems again too, they will act up for no reason and under no certain situation. I had the recall fixed also, but this ABS problem seems to again be affecting several others that own Blazers of this year. I had replaced my spider assembly also, power window motors, rear window defrost 2 times, egr valve needs cleaned every 2 months, alternator, rear window gate lock twice, rust on inside of every single door bad enough that it is unfixable without replacing doors, heater core had to be replaced twice, windshield wiper bottle twice and motor, eats through spark plugs and other things that I can't remember. If I had the money I would definitely get a new truck, but repairs are cheaper right now than a down payment and more expensive monthly payments.