1994 Chevrolet Blazer S10 4.3 V6 Vortec from North America


One powerful amazing SUV


Fuel pump needed to be replaced at 100,000.

The EGR valve needed the carbon to be cleaned out of it. That was free.

Handle on the seat broke off, it was a 5 dollar part to buy from junk yard.

General Comments:

This truck has a lot of power.

Real quick off the line, I beat imports all the time.

I recommend this truck for anything, its built to last, drives like new.

Good for offroading!

Couldn't get a more outstanding vehicle.

Blazer power!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

1994 Chevrolet Blazer Basic Model 4.0 V6 from North America




The ABS were the only problem the truck has had, yes I said truck, this is no SUV. My father bought it in 1994 and hasn't had to do any body or transmition work to it, only the ABS.

General Comments:

This Blazer is the most dependable truck I have ever driven. As a manual trany I can climb steep hills and go through mud not even souped-up trucks and SUVs could conquer. It has a manual transfer case which blows any push button 4wd out of the water, push 4wd is to accommodate women! Most people think its great that their SUVs can drive through 2 feet of snow, this one can eat 3 feet of mud for breakfast, the engine packs a huge punch in 4 low.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2002

1994 Chevrolet Blazer SLT 4.3L Vortec V6 from North America


Strong practical cheap SUV, careful of rust


Needed new upper ball joints and mount. This cost $600, parts and service, about 40/60 split, respectively.

Overhead "cockpit" sunglasses storage compartment door has popped out about 4 times. This usually happens when I hit the spring-activated release button too hard. I have always put it back together with 5 minutes effort and am now more gentle while hitting the button.

This is a 4 door Blazer. The front doors (both sides) have rust repair work on the bottom edge (bondo repair - previous owner) that is now flaking off and rust staining the silver 2-tone paint.

Very serious rust holes all the way around the inside lip of the wheel well... rusted through...holes. They are not visible from outside, but looking up under the front fender wheel wells is scary. I will have to rust-treat it and fiber-glass the whole area... assuming there is any metal left after I flake off all the rust.

The bottom area of the front fenders (between the wheel well and the front bumper on each side) is also terribly rusted and was repaired with bondo by a previous owner. It is rusted out because of dirt, road salt and moisture getting through the previously mentioned inner wheel well rust holes. I may end up just replacing both front fenders, though little of this is actually visible from outside, I feel that once I start repair work there will be nothing left. So I'm putting it off.

Some rust bubbles are forming around the windshield. I can tell that the whole truck, except the rear fenders, has been repainted at some point. To be fair a lot of the rust might be attributed to some unknowns historical event, though I see many blazers with the same rust in the same spots as mine! Often they are even more rusted, but they are likely older models, since the '94 blazer is the last model year with this body type, that had been used since the mid-80's, virtually unchanged except for the front grille.

Seats are made of corduroy and have areas that are worn.

The rear window has just started to squeak, as I see the previous reviewer also commented. I have yet to locate the specific cause though the last reviewer mentioned that it is due to wear on the rear window latch metal.

General Comments:

This is my first truck.

I wrote a lot about rust. Like I said, from afar, the truck doesn't yet look rusty, but another Canadian winter with tons of road salt and it'll look shabby.

I love the engine, lots of power... feels like more than 200HP, but that's all it is.

I love the push-button 4X4... in rain or 6-10 inches of snow on the road you can drive with confidence. If you remain in 2-wheel drive, in those same conditions, you will soon swap ends.

I love the flat-folding rear seats. They form a perfectly flat 6' surface. I have transported doors, 50" big-screen TVs, you name it. I even used it as a tent and just camped in the back with a sleeping bag... nice and comfy (I'm 6'2") This is perhaps the best feature.

The seats are very comfortable too.

Visibility is great all around.

The ABS brakes kick in under even light braking... and are very unpredictable. Chevy had a recall on the ABS sensor chip and I had it done, but this did not change the strange ABS reaction time. I am getting used to it now, but basically if you want to brake, even lightly, the ABS turns on and your wheels continue to roll. I then hit the petal harder to tell the ABS system "Hey, I REALLY need to stop NOW" and it seems to understand and lock the wheels a bit more. Weird. I have had a couple of ABS cars and this one is just weird.

A/C blows nice and cold, heater blows nice and hot, two important things in a Canadian climate.

Cruise works great too.

I find the "waterfall" speedometer ugly as heck, but then my last car was a Porsche and we're talking apples and oranges.

Well, that's it, I guess I like the vehicle overall, it's got a bit dated styling for a '94 model, it's beginning to be a rust bucket in what seems to be typical areas for Blazers, but the engine is strong, it's comfortable, convenient, it's a 4X4 (no shoveling from out of 2 feet of snow, just gas it!) and I'd get another.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

11th Oct 2002, 10:42

My name is B. Mersh and I have had the same problems that you have had with my blazer too.

9th Dec 2002, 12:14

Push 4wd really doesnt get the job done... i have a standard trans. 1994 blazer with a manual transfer case and it packs a big punch in 2 feet of mud... NOT 2 feet of snow.