1994 Chevrolet Blazer s-10 V6 4.3L vortec from North America


Powerful engine for mid-size SUV


The first major repair was the EGR valve at at 68K miles. The dealer was able to tell me the amount of miles on the vehicle without looking because as he said "yep, they all go with about that many miles." Cost = $750

The next major problem was that I was losing power when I needed it, as if the engine was choking. My mechanic discovered that carbon deposits were breaking away and clogging the valve intakes. He devised a screen to catch the particles before entering the valves that would hold the particles until they get burned up by the engine. It works wonderfully!

The rear window latch constantly squeaks and will begin to squeak again 1 week after replacement. The tailgate latch is a stronger metal than the glass latch and thus gouges out a groove which is the source of the squeak. A very poor design!

Visor fabric is coming apart.

Vent louvers never worked properly.

Electric window motor needed replacement at 70k miles and now the other window motor needs replacement.

Heater coil leaking all over front cab at 118k miles.

General Comments:

I would love to 'love' this truck and somewhat do. It's just that the US cannot seem to put the care into the design and integrity of all the parts of a vehicle.

The little things in the vehicle (vent louvers, window latch, buttons, etc.) are all factors that lead into the overall enjoyment of the vehicle.

It is a tough truck with a lot of engine power.

The engine power is there when you need it and that factors in a lot.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

5th Sep 2002, 15:42

I could almost swear the person reviewing the 94 S-10 Blazer was writing about mine. I just have a couple of other things needing replacement not mentioned. Four wheel drive diaphram valve, fuel sending unit, fuel pump and cpi injection, & changing the ATF fluid & filter was a major pain.