10th Sep 2002, 22:42

I would also tend to agree with both of the prior comments. My Blazer has had the EGR, Fuel Pump, Starter, Window Motors etc. I had the transimission rebuilt at 103,000 miles. The other major problem is the front ball joints, I have replaced them twice. It has all kinds of power and always will run, I trust the engine, but not anything that is attached. I have now spent too much money to get rid of it, so I will keep it until the body falls apart.

30th Sep 2002, 09:50

I'll agree, this sounds just like my truck. I purchased the truck used two years ago. Since then It has not stopped breaking down.

I'm presently on my third starter and third fuel pump.

The ABS system no longer works.

4-wheel drive encoder motor is gone and the repair is in the $750 range. The little green lite on the dash stays on all of the time even though I'm in two wheel drive. It simply will not go into four wheel.

The little vent louvers are built cheap. the first cold morning (Upstate NY) they simply broke off in my hand. I've put in two heater cores. The air conditioning compressor is gone. The Vacuum control system for the HVAC constantly leaks and is very annoying.

I had problems with the engine electrical for the first year. Three tune-ups and a new coil finally got it running right.

It is beginning to rust from the inside out. It still looks fine until you get underneath.

The drivers door window motor went this weekend. Then I towed it home again last night... I believe it is the fuel pump again...The next thing it gets is a "For Sale" sign.

30th Sep 2002, 17:50

Bought the 94 s-10 blazer, 4 wheel drive last year with about 90,000 miles. Over the last year have rebuilt the transmission. This was done with a friend who builds them for a living, total cost, $600 for parts and paying friend. Every power window has problems going up and down, drivers side quite all together, nice when you would like some air. I replaced the fuel filter when problems started with it running, then found out it was the fuel pump. I did the pump myself and wow, was that fun, not. Then it started running rough at idle, replaced oxy sensor, plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, cleaned injectors, still runs like crap. After reading stories on line it is probably egr valve, can't wait to do that. Just this week the power seats quite, checked fuss and it was hot. Assumed there was a short somewhere and then found out the power locks don't work or 4 wheel drive, are they all related, I don't know. Never got a manual with the car to trouble shoot anything. Only get about 17 miles to the gallon, is this normal for this vehicle? Can't get rid of it now, will live with it and keep fixing.

16th Oct 2002, 22:10

We bought our Bravada "Gently Used" at 54,000 miles nearly two years ago. We now have about 76,000 on it, and we're ready to sell before we have to put any more money into it.

It was really nice at first, and then about a year ago things started breaking. First the battery and alternator failed.

Since then, I've put on front brakes (at about 65,000 miles), replaced the heater core, emergency brake cable, all four shocks (normal), muffler, warped passenger side exhaust manifold, and rebuilt the A/C system and converted to R-134 (and learned there is a small leak from a seam on the compressor itself).

The digital dash is kaput (going to be at least $300 to repair), and that rear window squeak is driving me NUTS!!!

28th Dec 2002, 11:29

I have been dealing with my 94 Chevrolet Blazer since 97, and there has been a constant problem with the EGR Valve. All together I have replaced it four times since the duration of my purchasing the vehicle.

It has been very pricey at about $500.00 a shot to repair this problem, and the bad part is you never know when it's going to act up, or stall out. This is one of my biggest fears due to this being my wifes primary car and her having to tote around the children in the vehicle.

It does stall out, and has stalled out while the vehicle is in motion, and I wish GM could either figure out how to correct this problem, to one, make it more cost effective, and two, to make it safer.

I love the Chevrolet Blazer. But it concerns me with this problem.

1st Jan 2003, 07:41

I can't believe it!!! Every last comment I've read so far has hit the hammer on the nail. I've had my 94 Jimmy for a year now and have had just about all of the previously described problems.

My truck just stopped running one day on the highway in a storm. The fuel pump went out. I am now having problems with my heater core leaking water and antifreeze all over the passenger side floor. The funny thing about this is that this is my second Jimmy. The first was a 4x4 and not more than a month the fuel pump went out on that one along with the heater core leaking. The thing that really eats me up about these breakdowns is that they are all expensive to repair!

If I can read all of these comments just on this site, wouldn't you think that Chevrolet and GMC would do the same and seriously take the time out to correct these problems and help the consumer out? Hey Chevy and GMC, if you are listening, help the consumer out.

1st Jan 2003, 23:38

WOW! I can't believe what I'm reading, I've had almost all of the exact problems! At 70k or so the EGR valve went out, replaced it myself for $108 for the part. The drivers side widow motor went out a little before the EGR Valve too. The power brake booster went out at about 90k, cost me $150 to replace it myself. Now I have no dash lights : (, the engine is ideling rough (don't think it's EGR this time... seems more like a vacuum leak...eh), and the blower for the AC/Heater works occasionally, not to mention that it's starting rough. Before all of these problems the 4 wheel drive assembly was replaced all of about 3 times... all under warranty, and it's STILL not working!

I love the truck, don't get me wrong, it's been a great vehicle when it's running well. But as each day goes on it seems like more and more breaks and it's costing more and more money to keep it running well. I'm probably going to fix the problems it has now and if something else expensive goes wrong it's getting a "For Sale" sign.

4th Jan 2003, 18:36

I have noticed a lot of people have been replacing the EGR valve numerous times. Mine went at approx 90K, then I thought it went again at 160K. I removed the EGR valve at there was some carbon deposits that prevented the valve from closing all the way. I removed the carbon deposits and the EGR valve has worked fine since. I am suspecting others are running into the same problem.

I have replaced the 4wd encoder motor at $800.00, and it is going again as sometimes I need to disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, then reconnect the battery, then hit the button to get it into 4wd.

Anti-lock brakes no longer work and have been disconnected.

Other than this I love the trunk. Lots of power and works well in 4wd.