3rd Apr 2008, 23:06

Wow, all the above. Bought my 94blazer from (I know this sounds cliche') a little old lady in 98 w/only 32k miles on it, started having problems the first year, second year it wouldn't even pass the smog test (strict laws in CA.) (truck was only 6 years old) fixed everything except a new block. One prob now is the digital dash went out, checked everything, fuse OK, OD and Speed-OD works but no gages. Have to fill by the miles (never know how much gas I really have) traced everything, an electrician doesn't think its the dash. Can anyone help? Looking at other websites it looks like this is a common prob. w/Chevy's digital dash... any help would be great...mongrelsgear@verizon.net.

4th May 2008, 12:39

I have owned my 1994 Blazer 4 door for only 2.5 years, but I have had a lot of these same issues. I am battling an issue right now, that I cannot figure out. Last summer, my heater/AC switch stopped working on the high setting, then about 1 week later, stopped all together. I had the switch replaced (and a wire that was shorted) for about $325. About 3 months later, the high setting stopped working again, and within 6 months, the switch would turn off from time to time. Now, with summer approaching, I have no heater/AC, because the switch has stopped again.

I can hard wire the blower to the battery, and get it to run, so I am just going to temp. hard wire it to something that get's power when the key is on.

Any ideas why and where the fix is in this problem?

7th Jun 2008, 20:25

I have a 1994 S10 Blazer, and lately it has been starting to stall out. I tried giving it a tune up and replaced all the filters, and it still does it. I don't think it's a blown header; does anyone have any ideas? Please email me back krod110@yahoo.com


1st Oct 2008, 20:52

Your digital dash is blown. I had the same thing happen. They burn out. They fought that problem for a long time. I bought a new one for 40 bucks at a junk yard.

Also my transmission went out in my new 94 Blazer. The four wheel drive button did the same thing the guy was talking about. My trany blew up the next day.

I will say one thing; I love these trucks. I own two Blazers and we used to one a 91 truck. Also have a 2001 S-10. They have had their problems, but they are a dime a dozen and easy to work on. :)

10th Nov 2008, 04:56

I just bought a 1994 4 door Blazer.

I have a problem with the rear window defrost. The light in the switch comes on but no power to the glass.

If someone can help, please email me at darryndag@shaw.ca. Thanks for any help you have.

24th Jan 2010, 21:42

I have 6 GM Blazers and Jimmys. I work on them myself. All of these comments sound familiar. The CFI - central fuel injection, or CPI - central port injection is probably the biggest problem with the 92 model, and up to 94. If you are needing help, or have questions, you can e-mail me and I will try to help with your questions.

Thanks, waltlove7200@yahoo.com

21st Aug 2010, 08:35

I have a 94 Chevy Blazer that runs great, I installed a new starter a couple of months ago, had the alternator checked, and the battery was just bought.

My problem is I blow the fuse for my gauges, and also it is not charging the battery fully. My trans. is stuck in high gear. Is there a short? Or something else?

I don't have a clue; been searching, but no luck.

Any suggestions would be great.

Dave grampadave@att.net