1994 Chevrolet Blazer S-10 Tahoe 4.3 Vortec from North America


Major money pit


Transfer case seals out at 50k.

Replaced the EGR valve so many time I can't even give a number.

Spider Assy for fuel injection (CPI) 4 times.

Fuel pump twice.

Electric windows failed twice.

Dash lights twice.

Rear window latch is a very poor design. A groove wears in to the latch catch and becomes really noise. I've replaced 3 times. Gave up on it.

General Comments:

This had the potential to be a great little SUV. The engine is powerful (when it runs) It handles and rides great. (4-door) Looks nice. There are just so many flaws in the design that it ruins all of the pros. It's very expensive to keep on the road. I've looked at trading it in, but even the dealers are aware of the problems this model has and aren't interested in trading. Every 10,000 there is another expensive fix. It's hard to believe that GM didn't stick behind these very well known problems.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2008

1994 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4.3 from North America


This car is terrific, wish they still made them


Just normal maintenence, tires, front brakes, wipers, belt. This is my 4 th S10 Blazer and I love it.

General Comments:

Good power, gas mileage, 20-24 MPG since I bought it. I had a 94 Jimmy that was getting rusty. I found the Blazer on the web and bought it. My first S10 Blazer was a 86' 2 door I liked it, but it was under powered.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2007

1994 Chevrolet Blazer Tahoe LT 4.3 "W" from North America


I like the truck-like style, but the 4.3W engine is poorly designed; however, it's "Worth the Pain"!


Alignment issues that haven't been resolved.

EGR valve constantly plugs up with carbon.

Fuel regulator malfunction in fuel injection system.

Fuel injector plastic lines in spider under the plenum became brittle and the whole costly unit needed replacement.

Excessive rust on door edges, front wheel wells, and rear quarter panel.

Alternator replacement.

Replaced fuel pump twice and even yet it is noisy.

Exhaust system replaced twice.

Brake pads and shoes replaced twice.

General Comments:

The Chevy S10 Blazer for 1994 represented the last truck-like S10 Blazer that Chevrolet made. In 1995 they went with the more rounded car-like appearance. I like the older squared off look and my 94 Blazer feels more solid and truck-like than the newer S10 Blazers.

With the add-on running boards, the running lights on the outside windshield visor, and a neat maroon and gray exterior finish, my Blazer is eye-catching and attractive in either a work setting or a social setting. My major complaint with the body is rust. The newer Blazers seem to have a much better handle on the rust problem. My '96 Blazer is rust free after 10 Wisconsin winters and 210,000 miles while my '94 Blazer is plagued with rust after 144,000 miles in the less salted roads of Kentucky.

My major complaint with the mechanics of the '94 Blazer is the model "W" 4.3 engine and the central multi-port fuel injection system (uses the spider unit under the plenum). This engine has been a problem for GM and was replaced in 1996 with the sequential fuel injection system (4.3 engine - model Z) which is a much better design. If you buy a 1992 - 1994 Blazer with a model W 4.3 engine, plan to periodically replace the fuel injection system (very costly) and to have constant trouble with the egr valve. The egr valve periodically carbons up and needs to be cleaned or replaced. It is costly to replace.

My major complaints are the bad design of the 4.3 W engine and the excessive body rust. Other than these items, I find my '94 Blazer to be a nice vehicle. I like the spacious interior, the comfortable leather seats, the convenient instrument layout inside, and the good road manners.

The 4 wheel drive (shift on the fly) unit has functioned well and is a life-saver for me as I live in a remote rural setting. I have had trouble with the vacuum actuator for the 4 wheel drive unit (located under the battery), but this was an easy fix.

I do like the solid feel of this truck-like vehicle and the high-up driving position. I feel safe in having my wife drive this truck with it's solid build, yet comfortable road manners. The 15 inch tires are just right for this vehicle and tires of this size (235 X 15) are easy to obtain. My gas mileage is not fantastic, yet is acceptable for this type of vehicle. I get about 20 mpg.

I've had periodic routine tasks to do on my '94 Blazer including brake jobs, belt replacement, exhaust system replacement. I should add that Chevy changed to a stainless steel muffler and heavier exhaust system in 1996 and I never replaced any portion of my '96 exhaust system in over 210,000 miles of operation. My '94 has needed replacement twice in 144,000 miles.

I do like my '94 Blazer's style, but not some of it's poor design mechanical features. These poor design features centered around the 4.3 W engine. Once I realize that I will be plagued with emission control issues and a poor fuel injection system, I know what to expect in the road ahead and can adjust. The solid build of this vehicle, the solid 4 wheel drive unit, the deluxe leather interior, and the good road manners of my '94 Blazer makes it "worth the pain".

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Review Date: 25th December, 2006

6th Jan 2007, 16:55

Your comments on the 1992 - 95 Blazer are accurate, but you didn't mention the electronic, digital dash on the '94 Tahoe Blazer. I have had the electronics go bad on my dash and wish that Chevy had used the traditional dial-type speedometer and gauges instead of the digital, numerical type. I agree that the '94 Blazer can be good transportation if the things you mentioned are expected and then dealt with. My CPI spider unit cost me $300.00 and was a bit difficult to install, but this project is not too difficult for the do-it-yourself person. The EGR valve can be purchased new, but is a bit pricey. I prefer to go on e-bay and look for a deal.