13th Mar 2007, 20:25

I am the writer of the orignal submission, and the first comment presented was right on target. I also have had trouble with the electronic dash and find that it is expensive to fix. The standard dash is much more problem-free and functional than the digital one. Fancier does not always mean better.

4th Sep 2007, 12:14

I own a 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer Tahoe LT 4.3 Vortec and have been happy with it thus far. I bought it used back in 2000 with 29,000 miles on it, it now has 56,000 original miles. The problems I have had with it is fighting the rust, (I live in Northern Illinois), on the door edges, around the fender wheel wells in front, the tailgate edge, (replaced with a new one) and now it's starting on the rear quarter panel behind the rear wheel. It will be going to the body shop very soon.

I have replaced the oxygen sensor, now having to replace the EGR valve, but other than that, I haven't had any problems with it except the usual maintenance issues. I still need to update the air conditioning to R34.

I get a lot of comments and looks when I drive it down the street. It is painted 2 tone, garnet on the upper and khaki on the lower, with gold interior. I installed some American Racing rims and Good Year raised letter Eagles to spruce it up. Also added chrome fender trim around the wheel wells, which has to be removed periodically to wax underneath so rust can't start.

My main complaint is the rust fight. But I have gone too far to stop now!

1st Apr 2009, 22:08

My '94 Chevy Tahoe has about 280xxx kms on it, and I am surprised by reading this that I actually have VERY minimal rust.

I got it from a dealership a year ago and have already had to replace my water pump, ERG valve, O2 sensor, the starter, the catalytic converter and tailpipe (due to rust) and now the fuel pump is going.

I also had problems with the four wheel drive vacuum hose underneath the battery, and only my back passenger window will go down, all the other windows are shot.

My back driver side door lock is jammed and my drivers side door is not activated by the automatic lock button at all.

My center console doesn't stay together and my vehicle constantly smells of antifreeze, due to the heating system. I also feel the constant rumble when I'm idling, because my left motor mount has cracked.

My alignment is also off in the front. Apparently all of these are quite common problems with this model, and it does get pricey after a while.

The interior and the body of my vehicle are actually in great condition, and despite all of it's little quirks, I'm sure it will last me quite a while longer!