8th Aug 2007, 12:49

2000 Chevy Blazer? I've plenty of problems, notorious for this year!

70k...complete brake system.

73k...Rebuilt Tranny

NOW...@ 82k Dancing fuel gauge.. I see this is a "norm" for this year Blazer, with approx. same mileage. And my "service engine soon" light is on, anyone know why? Could it be another problem? Fuel injector? Catalytic Converter? Or could it be because of the "dancing fuel gauge"? I don't know if I want to spend another penny on it, I have spent thousands on it within the past 16 months. It will cost me just to do a diagnostic! Do I want to spend the money? HELP!

1st Sep 2007, 14:53

I have 2000 blazer. It's been a good truck!

Normal repairs are to be expected.

I have one problem with the ABS system. ABS + brake lights come on after the car is run. Code reader comes up with no right or left no sensor signal; sensors check OK.

First start no lights, run 15 minutes shut off. Start up ABS+brake lights on. Any solutions to this problem?

14th Sep 2007, 16:40

I purchased my 2000 Chevy Blazer LS with 35,000 miles. Since purchasing the vehicle, the passenger seat recliner lever broke off in hand. The radiator ruptered in the driveway. The fuel gauge stopped working 100,000 miles.

Aside from these repairs, no other major repairs have been needed.

19th Sep 2007, 20:57

As I have seen the many problems over and over I felt that I would give my story.

25k recliner handle passenger side broke off. $79.00 self repair

40K front ABS went out $585 repair.

50K driver side recliner Handle broke (still broke)

65K gas gage jumping up and down (gage tied to fuel pump $375 for part) still using trip mileage from fill to fill.

70K about driver door window stopped working off and one from then until 95K stopped all together.

102k Read tail gate window would not open estimate $450 to fix.

(actuator broke)

Though I have driven Chevy's since 1962 this is my last

I would think GM would at least be courteous and post a sight with fixes for all these common problems undoubtedly this was a Chevy lemon model.

22nd Sep 2007, 21:58

2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS

130k miles

Ball joints & misc. front end parts replaced - check

2-alternators - check

1 or both front seat reclining levers broken - check

Radiator replaced - check

Drivers door hinges an issue - check

Fuel gauge dead for several years, using odometer to gauge fill ups - check

Fuel pump starting to die - check (at least I'll the fuel gauge should work again after I spend $800 to have the fuel pump replaced!)

Peeling paint on roof & hood - check.

The day I get rid of this lemon - priceless!


30th Sep 2007, 00:03

I also have the infamous 2000 Blazer. I always thought the peeling may have been because I bought it with a few hundred miles and the dealership may have used the roof racks. Now I learn that it seems to be a problem with many of these cars. I have 83,000 and I have the fuel pump problem. I parked on a hill with low gas in the tank and was unable to get the car started. I filled some gas into the tank and it still doesn't work. Will it be an expensive fix?

22nd Oct 2007, 14:01

Wish I had seen this website before purchasing my 2002 LS Blazer.

Thought tires were the reason I was hearing a humming noise as well, as in turns the noise would stop. Now I know a wheel hub is the problem. Took it to a dealership today to change the oil and found out bad wheel hub - needs changing soon, so the tire doesn't fall off. Guess from reading this website I will need to replace both wheel hubs @ over $1000.

Left blinker runs wild, door locks don't work. Have gone through 10 fuses. Have working at present, but who knows how long - not major, but frustrating.

Think I will not be driving my Blazer much anymore - was going to trade it a while back, but they didn't want to give me anything for it. Now I know why.

Had a Toyota truck with over 180,000 miles, and never had to do anything but replace a timing chain, a battery, and tires. I will definitely go back to Toyota.

10th Nov 2007, 11:41

My 2000 Chevy Blazer LS has 170K and I have had it since day one. Got the vehicle with only 7 miles on it. I have had the upper and lower ball joints replaced approx 50K under extended warranty. The transmission was replaced approximately 30K under warranty. The reason for the trany replacement was because there was a manufactures defect along the front seal that caused fluid to leak, very little, but it leaked anyway. Currently the ABS light comes on intermittently and my local dealer says it will cost $500 to $700 to repair. He recommended that I not spend the $ on it. Only have to remember no ABS when light is lit. I also am getting intermittent Air Bag light. Same story, costs $400 to $600 to repair. Also having problems with front pass window. Already had the switch assy replaced, worked for 6 months now doesn't work anymore. I can hear relays or something clicking when I try lowering the window. The Rear Pass Window Switch is also bad. It will only lower the window. As far as the engine goes, I don't think a shotgun would stop it. It's still very strong. I have changed all fluids regularly. I have used mobile one since day one as well.

16th Nov 2007, 13:37

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer 2WD, I am the sole owner, I have 168,000 miles on it. I have had front end work done, shocks- can remember what else, I have have almost all the fuel injectors replaced, we had to use that stop leak stuff for the heater core (seemed to have worked). I had an accident a few years back, I think the front end noise is from a bad repair job. Otherwise it starts everyday and takes me to work (42 miles one way. I had the transmissions fluid changed, I am not sure if I should have the filter changed, the trans shop told me to only change the filter if there is a leak.


25th Nov 2007, 00:26

Oh just so everyone knows I will be selling my 2000 Blazer next year let's hope she makes it. Can't wait to offload it now has 91000 miles on it, just recently after having around 3000 dollars in repairs over just 4 years. I now have to update everyone from my last post about 5 post's back, got in the truck took the family out to dinner my a aunt followed when we got there she told me I had no rear brake lights. Oh and now the cruise control is intermittent, it works sometimes and sometimes it will quit while it was on after a bump or two. Seat adjustment is still broke passenger side. Air speed selector switch only works on 3 no other speed. My drivers side window only stays up it won't role down. God I'm glad this thing is like a rock hopefully soon to fossilized in someone else's yard, here I come Subaru!!!