21st Nov 2005, 23:43

I have a similar problem with my blazer and have the vibration ever since I purchased the vehicle. I'm a DIY mechanic and do all the servicing on my vehicle myself. In my blazer, when shifted into 4hi will stop vibrating. I've talked too many people with the same problem and they confirm when the vehicle is shifted into 4hi the vibration stops. Because of this circumstance that rules out bad wheel bearings, bad cv joints, bad ball joints, bent idler arms, loose shocks and all the rest of the crazy ideas that people come up with. My certified mechanic friend and I finally came up with what we think may be the solution. Under the blazer there is a frame rail that holds up part of the transmission and the 4x4 transfer case. This crossrail is connected to the rest of the frame via two rubber washers that look like hockey pucks. When these wear out it can cause that whole assembly to vibrate causing what feels like small vibrations under your feet and the passenger side. When 4hi is engaged your front differential directs 50% of the engine power through the front differential, causing extra tension which is just enough to stop the vibrating. I know it sounds really complicated, but bear with me. I'm gonna replace the rubber washers before christmas sometime, i'll keep you posted.

P.s. Don't ask any dealerships about the problem, they will swear by their mothers that it's a wheel bearing and all of a sudden you're stuck with a $1100 repair charge. Good luck.

7th Mar 2008, 21:07

My 2000 Chevy Blazer (money trap). I have never seen trouble like this with a car in the 30 years of driving.

Purchased the car from the dealer, less than 40,000 miles on her. I was the second owner; it looked, and ran great!

I now see why the sales guy was really pushing the extended warranty. At 42,588 miles, transmission gone! Oh yeah, I forgot both seat handles broke off the first time I used them.

50,000 miles, heater core, after the automatic window, drivers side, down of course!

Broken gas gauge, forget it, I gave up trusting the reset button. I keep 2 gas cans in the back. and I do a lot more walking nowadays.

Driver's door, I'm getting a good workout there too, left, and pull, again! I'm got it down to about 2 tries now.

14th Dec 2008, 00:20

And this, my friends, is why GM is going bankrupt...

14th Apr 2009, 14:03

Well I bought a 2000 Chevy Blazer LS last year. I have since then put more money in to it fixing repairs than I did even purchasing the vehicle.

I've replaced tranny. From what mechanic said, it had already been replaced once before. LOL. What a piece of junk.

Anyway, have the same vibrating problem as the rest have stated. Just took the Blazer into the dealership after tranny was done to have a new speed sensor put in. Well it's been a month and the darn thing is out again, plus the other sensor in the hub is out now too. Wow, this Blazer is one heck of a junker. Does anyone know why the whole S-10 Blazer hasn't been recalled, other than the fact of GM's huge loss. LOL.

21st Jul 2009, 08:52

If your seat back adjustment handle breaks off, don't fix with manufacturer parts. They will just break. You can buy ones made by wittydeals.com, they fit over the broken shaft and are held on with a set screw. $50 for both sides.

22nd Aug 2009, 20:29

"And this, my friends, is why GM is going bankrupt..."

You can say that again...