23rd Dec 2003, 17:41

I believe that the comment to lease the car instead of buying it is nuts and a cop out to the real problem with the quality of the vehicle. I agree that these reviews should be read first and I wish I would have read them before I purchased my blazer.

14th Apr 2004, 20:01

Just bought a 2001 blazer. After just one month and 2000 miles I have a vibration between 60 and 75 mph that the dealer can't find the cause of. Both front wheel bearings had to be replaced. The rear wind shield wiper motor had to be replaced. And this was a GM certified vehicle with just 35100 miles on it. Makes me wonder how well this suv will hold up?

25th Oct 2006, 12:55

We bought a 1999 Chevy Blazer 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems with it. Within the first week we started to notice problems. For starters the rear windshield wiper did not work. The air filter had to be changed. In two years we have changed the spark plugs and wires 5 times. The router and distributer has been changed twice, the fuel filter has been changed. We have had to get the timing chain adjusted 3 times and it was changed once. The the muffler was changed once. And the engine light has been on almost the whole time we have owned it.

We have done nothing, but sink money into this thing and still haven't been able to get it to run right. It was taken to the dealership to fix the problem we are having in June of 2006. They never really found what was wrong with, but sent it back to us tell us that it was fixed. A couple days ago the thing just died on the side of the road leaving my husband on the side of the road. We towed it in to the local mechanics and they put it on the computer and it told them nothing. But still charged us $50 for telling us nothing. We then had to pay for another tow job to take it to the nearest dealership an hour and a half away, And they can't find what it wrong.

I have been nothing, but disappointed with it and I would suggest to any one thinking about buying a Blazer to reconsider.