16th Oct 2007, 05:35

Hiya, I just purchased a 1993 chevy blazer S10 tahoe. I was wondering about the EGR valve. How often does it clog up and what did you do to fix the problem? I plan to do a lot of traveling once I get mine up and running.

15th Dec 2007, 10:01

I brought a 1992 (3) in December of 2006, should have known better. W/I three months the transmission went (cost $1000). Spoke to one of the sellers who became a LAWYER over night in techncalities of "buyer Beware" laws. Other sellers cell phone # is dead, wonder why.

Now oil is leaking out from somewhere, will have to replace left side motor mount, transmission mounts, oil cooling lines (before they go and I seige the engine, because you can loose all of your oil before you can get it to the side of the road) and valve cover gaskets. Previous owner lied about condition of car, stating "that they drove this car from down South, because it was dealer maintained." Road testing, forget about it! I going to tell everybody about this experience. Rust under the hood and and frayed or bandage wire (s) is a DEAD give-away.

16th Oct 2009, 10:16

Well I'm a Ford guy, but I happen to own two Blazers. One is a 1978 K-5 Blazer 4x4. It has never seen a garage in its life so far, my grandfather own it since brand new, and said it was the best car a man could ever own.

My grandfather passed away in 1997, so I got it. Now it does need some body panels, but hey it's 31 years old and in pa there ain't many K-5's around today. It's in better shape than a lot of cars on the road today.

But now as for my 1993 Blazer 4x4 4 door, it has very minor body rust, but this thing has nickel and dimed me. From rusting brake lines, four wheel drive train, tranny, tons of motor problems, paid 900.00 for the vehicle 2 yrs ago and now there is over 3,000.00 bucks in it and it still needs work. It's been in garages more time in the last two years than I had it to drive it. The undercarriage is bad, but yet my 78 K-5 is in a lot better shape underneath.

I say the older the better for Chevy, but cars are not built like they used to be made back in the day.