13th Aug 2006, 22:18

The Chevy Blazer is a disposable vehicle; not meant to last long, as is the case with all Chevy's actually. I can't believe that it is legal to sell these pieces of junk to the public. They are so sub-par (even for Chevrolet) that they are unsafe right off of the sales lot when they are brand new. Nothing is done right on these; not one single detail. I have owned Chevy's before, so anyone about to bore me with a comment concerning foreign/domestic can stop typing right now. The motors are cheap, out of spec. pieces of oil burning junk. The transmissions are no better, the interiors fall apart like children put them together, and the paint starts falling off of the plastic bumpers after the first carwash. Did I mention that the brakes are about as cheap as it is possible to get and still pass inspection (maybe)? And how about the electrical problems? Fun isn't it? If you enjoy being stranded and miserable, buy a Blazer, or any other Chevy for that matter.

29th Nov 2006, 08:25

Have a 1995 Blazer with 212,000 miles. I've driven it from Alabama to Oregon, Michigan, California, and Miami all without any trouble. The thing runs like a horse. I guess you could say I got one of the good ones. It is the best truck I've ever driven in the snow. I was the only car to get through a pass in a storm in Oregon. The only problems that have arisen are the door hinges wearing out and the EGR valve getting clogged with carbon. Sounds to me like you guys just got lemons.

Roll Tide...

26th Feb 2008, 21:38

2000 Blazer LT 4x4: We also had no reverse at 70,000 miles in 2006. Had the transmission rebuilt for $2300.

We also have replaced the hub assemblies, alternator, and driver door hinge pins and bushings. The door would only close if it was lifted.

Summer 2007 we replaced the radiator. Recently, we had to replace the intake gasket for the manifold that was leaking coolant and overheating the engine at 82,000 miles - $650. I heard this is a problem with GM cars.

1st Feb 2009, 14:15

Bought new, 2001 LT. original owner.

At 38,000 miles was told by the dealer oil cooling lines were leaking. Went to pick up and then was told that the lower intake manifold gasket was leaking and needed replacement. Done, but still had oil leaking, turned out to be a cracked manifold where the oil cooling lines were attached. Out of pocket so far 1200. Then had right front bearing go bad. replaced. I don't know why the intake manifold gasket wasn't covered in the class action suit. (1998 olds, repaired twice $800 each time, class action will only pay 400) better than nothing. GM took 10 years to admit fault.

8th Mar 2009, 03:43

Another story of a lemon-

2000 Blazer LT

05/2006 replace fuel module and air pump

09/06 replace engine

11/06 replace air pump and valves

05/08 replace radiator

06/08 replace window motor

12/08 replace injection pump

01/09 replace transfer case

01/09 replace speed sensor

And as of today 03/09, it is again back in the mechanic's!

I have spent more in repairs than what it cost me to purchase this vehicle. I had a Blazer before that lasted 10+ years with no problems.

Cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am!

9th Dec 2009, 10:20

I live in Metrowest Mass. In early 2005 I bought a "Certified used" 2000 Chevy Blazer LT 4 wheel drive, from a Chevy dealership. About the only thing they were honest about in their "Certification" was the fact it was used. WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!!! I Don't KNOW HOW CHEVY CAN SELL THESE!!! Everything went, from electrical to mechanical. You name it, it broke. This is with no 4X4 or unnecessary rough driving. Just a daily commuter vehicle with many highway miles.

I am now on my second set of front hub bearings, 3rd set of ball joints, second set of shocks, second radiator, I need a heater core but am not going to bother, too expensive and problematic. I wouldn't let anyone give me one of these vehicles. Any... Moral of the story... Go and see what the FINE people at Ford have for their F series... a much better practical vehicle, Made and designed by AMERICANS for AMERICANS and it will last you a lifetime. Stay away from Chevy!