2000 Chevrolet Blazer LT from North America


Very expensive heart breaker


Heater no longer works. Went through an extremely cold winter with my 3 year old daughter and never had head. Replaced one of the components to the heater and it still doesn't work.

Driver side window stopped working. Replaced the switch, but that didn't help. Then after the actual motor was replaced it started working again.

Alignment is always messed up.

Went through two sets of tires in 1.5 years.

ABS warning light just came on in the dashboard... who who knows what I need to fix now.

Right at this very moment it is in the shop having its front-right wheel bearing unit replaced. I was told today that it will cost me in the area of $300.

Leather is wearing away rapidly.

Gas pedal sticks. I have to push hard in order to get the vehicle moving, which makes me look like an idiot as I jump across the parking lot.

General Comments:

I was so incredible excited to get this car. I did all of the financing by myself through the bank, my parents didn't help me at all to get this car. I have always wanted to own an SUV, plus it makes toting my daughter around so much easier.

Now, I just don't feel safe in this car anymore, especially when I have my daughter in it.

I still owe 10K on it, I'm paying 245 a month and I am so angry.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2006

2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4 X 4 6 cylinder, 4.3 from North America


Dream vehicle is a nightmare!!!


By September 4th, 2003 the Blazer had to return to the dealer because the CD player would not work and the rear defrost was only partially working, and had already been repaired once.

December 30, 2003 the right front wheel bearing and HUB ASSEMBLY needed to be replaced.

(I have been advised by MORE than one mechanic, as well as a Chevy dealership OWNER that this is ridiculous, and that these original parts should last at least 12 years... and this wouldn’t be the only time it needed to be replaced, read on...) $407.10.

September 7, 2004: The parking brake had been adjusted too tight, so this had to be repaired.

As well, the left front HUB ASSEMBLY had to be replaced, and the calipers serviced. $748.22.

I checked on line for any recalls on the vehicle, and discovered the “stop lamps/hazard lamps” were to be replaced. This was done in Jan/05.

January 5, 2005: Again the CD player does not work, there is an “internal problem”, (not fixable unless through dealership) and the rear defrost is not working. $54.22.

January 31, 2005 the side mirror on the drivers side was fixed, as the warming feature had broken

already. $28.75.

March 2005: BOTH left and right FRONT HUB ASSEMBLIES replaced $800.00.

September 7, 2005: Both front lower ball joints replaced. $490.94.

October 12, 2005: After having numerous problems, the drivers door hinge pins and bushings were removed and replaced, and the rear gate window was repaired. $173.03.

April 13, 2006: Both left and right front HUB ASSEMBLIES replaced. $828.00.

May 26, 2006: At 148, 234km I had NO REVERSE!!! I had to replace the transmission. Again, I was advised that this is RIDICULOUS at such low mileage. $2358.01.

So, in 20 months, this “dream vehicle” of mine has cost me $5888.27 in repairs that should not be needed in less than 150,000 km!!! Keep in mind that this does not reflect regular maintenance and reasonable repairs.

General Comments:

Oil changes have been done regularly within 5000km since purchase. I do not take this vehicle 4X4ing, drive it hard, or “beat on it” in any way. I drive back and forth to work, and up north to the cottage on major highways a couple of times per year. I am still making payments on this vehicle, (I still owe about HALF of the purchase price!) and find it very hard to believe that this is reasonable to have spent this amount of money on major repairs already. I have no desire to give Chevrolet my business any longer.

So, as it stands, when all is said and done, I still have a CD player that is estimated at $400 to fix, a rear windshield that can no longer be patched and must be replaced for the defrost (estimated at $600 for used - $1500 for new), and a drivers side window that is in need of repair (no quote obtained yet). So at LEAST $2000 more if I want a fully operational vehicle.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2006

22nd Jun 2006, 17:54

Same writer... just wanted to add that the rear left u-joint needs replacing now as well... add another $120 to the "to do" list...

10th Aug 2006, 14:43

I have 66,000 on mine.

12/02/02 30,000 mile checkup $475.00

01/06/03 32,349 miles broken thermostat

03/26/03 35,132 4,000 mile service $53.00

07/14/03 38,718 8,000 mile service $408.87

9/04/03 41,150 Transmission problems $54.20

10/27/03 44,281 12,000 mile service $386.06

11/13/03 45,154 Replace heater core $106.00

3/10/04 47,700 4,000 mile service $153.87

03/24/04 47,977 Heater core flushed due to poor maintenance from previous heater core work

4/16/04 48,214 Bad Alternator $100.00

08/04/04 50,767 8,000 mile service $144.31

03/15/05 53,700 Fuel Gauge stopped working, replaced fuel level sensor, Idler arm loose, had to be replaced, both sides upper and lower ball joints replaced, thermostat leaking and had to be replaced. Covered under warranty $100.00 deductible.

04/25/05 54, 700 Broken moter mount, replaced, bad transmission band, replaced, loose hood nut (5th time) (They are trying to charge me $91.39 for diagnose the noise, used to do it for free), oil coolent lines leaking, needed to be replaced. Warranty deductible waived Rear Brakes done for $198.00.

Total so far = $2,279.00

PLUS $1300 for air conditioner repair and a new fuel pump.

There seems to be only a few good ones out there. I don't have one.