2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 liter V6 from North America


Cost more than it is worth


Fuel gauge quit working, sweet talked dealer into fixing it for free.

Fuel pump quit seven months later, fussed my way into the dealer replacing that due to the fact they told me the fuel level was part of the fuel pump when they replaced it.

Brake lights did not work - fixed by dealer before I took it home.

Four wheel drive did not work - fixed by dealer before I took it home.

Driver's side door bushing worn out - fixed by dealer before I took it home.

Rear window washer line came loose, washer fluid dripping inside the truck - fixed by dealer for free, now three years later it is doing it again.

Passenger side seat handle broke off.

Oil pressure switch went out.

Replaced upper and lower ball joints on both sides at 76,000 miles, two hours after I got it back the wheel bearing on the driver's side went out - total cost $1200.

Wheel bearing now going out on the passenger side - another $450.

Driver's side window is making popping noise when I roll it up - guess the regulator is next.

General Comments:

Other than everything above it rides smooth and handles well.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2006

2000 Chevrolet Blazer 2000 LS blazer 4.3 from North America


Not the American made product I know and love


Right side wheel-bearing went 3 times.

Driver-side front door hinge replaced 2 times, and needs it again; also door now closes tighter then the other ones so you can see the difference.

Alternator went at 40000.

Levers for the seats are broke.

Light for airbag comes on and off.

Brake rotors rusted;was not able to turn them.

Ball-joints replaced and they need to be again.

General Comments:

I buy only American made cars and trucks; Having said this I'm very upset with Chevy. I called them about the hub problems and they said this isn't a common problem. I also called them about the door-hinge problem; They did fix it the first time; however they refused the second time. I'm very lucky I'm able to fix most of the problems myself.

I have to say I won't be buying a Chevy product again. I owned Ford products and must say they are much better. I also now own a Dodge pick-up truck and this truck now has 112,000 miles on it and had nothing more than small common repaires. My wife still has the Blazer, I won't be recommending any Chevy products any time soon.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2006

7th Aug 2006, 09:08

I am sorry, but American made cars have never been known to be the best in quality. If you want reliability, performance and class, buy European. If you want lower running costs and great fuel economy as well as reliability, buy Japanese. If you want cheap engineering and high costs and 15 MPG, keep buying American. Most Fords and Chevys I've driven lately feel like cars from the 70's.

2000 Chevrolet Blazer from North America


Piece of JUNK


5/03 46,000 miles

PA inspection

.Replace front lower ball joint

.Align tires & misc stuff.


Replace serpentine belt.

1/5/04 51,000 miles

Security light on while driving.

4/4/04 54,000 miles

PA Inspection

. Oil change

. Replace pitman arm

. Replace idler arm

. Replace RF Hub bearing

. New Front/Rear brakes

. New Rear brake shoes & rotors.

5/11/04 56,000 miles

Replaced fan belt

Replaced rear driveshaft u-joint.


New Battery.

8/10/04 59,000 miles

Passenger seat handle broken.

10/19/04 62,000 miles

Replace alternator.

4/11/05 66,000 miles

Replace Fuel sender unit.


Replace Idler Arm

Replace both rear shocks.

8/15/05 69,000 miles

Replace cap & rotor - stalled & towed in.

12/05 72,300 miles

New front tires @ Sears.

12/29/05 72,500 miles (Merry freaking christmas)

Replaced Fuel regulator - stalled & towed in

Intake leaking oil and coolant - replace intake gasket.

4/4/06 74,300 miles

Replace left front wheel bearing.

4/27/06 74,800 miles

Replaced rear brake pads & rotors

Replace upper ball joints (front end)

General Comments:

This is SERIOUSLY out of hand.

Every 3-4 thousand miles SOMETHING majorly goes wrong with it. Friends ask me how my truck is doing constantly because there is always *something* wrong with it. It's always in the shop.

I'm very kind to my vehicle. Wash it regularly, keep it CLEAN, oil changes as needed, I put MAYBE 15,000 on it a year. It could show some kindness back my way.

We've put over $5,000 in repairs on it in the 2 years we've owned it, and have had over $1900 of warranty work done in addition.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2006

30th May 2006, 13:52

I have a 1996 4WD 4-Door Chevy Blazer and it is always breaking down. I can't go more than 6 months without a major expensive repair. I would not recommend anyone to purchase one of these vehicles unless you can get it for free, because you will end up spending a large amount of money keeping it running.