1966 Chevrolet C10 305 cu. in from North America


One of the best vehicles I have ever owned



General Comments:

Trucks like this are built very strong, but have the usual rust issues; lower fenders and cab corners.

The truck gets about 12 mpg, but has very good power.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2009

1966 Chevrolet C10 C-10 Fleetside Pick-up 283 V8 from North America


Another winner!


Needed major brake overhaul, because it had been sitting idle for several years.

Engine needed virtually all seals and gaskets replaced. However, that is considered normal for any 40 year old engine.

Tires were dry rotted.

Needed new turn signal switch.

Replaced radiator.

Horn did not work.

Windshield leaks due to dried out rubber seal.

General Comments:

Considering that my previous 1966 C-10 was so good until a tree crushed it, this one looks like another winner.

The 283 V-8 has plenty of zip, and is pretty good on gas.

The Powerglide automatic transmission operates very smoothly.

It rides like a Cadillac.

I love that bench seat, especially at the drive-in movies.

I'm not crazy about having warning lights on the dash.

The fuel tank in the cab is too small, and takes up storage space.

The manual steering is like wrestling an alligator when moving at low speeds.

These old trucks are really amazing. I've been driving them for the past 21 years, and find them to be extremely dependable. Parts are easy to find, and they are easy to repair. Unlike NEW vehicles, they retain their value. In fact, they actually go up in value.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2006

26th Feb 2008, 22:14

I am the owner of this 1966 C-10, and it has been trouble free for over 25,000 miles. That is not bad for a 42 year old truck.

26th Apr 2011, 09:31

Here is another update on this 1966 Chevrolet C-10.

It just turned 108,000 miles, and still runs smoothly. It has not needed any major repairs.

12th Aug 2012, 23:47

Hey guys, I have a 66 C10 with the 283 V8 also, and with the one barrel carb, I get amazing gas mileage. I have owned everything from a 2002 Mini Cooper to an 88 Suburban with a 10 inch lift and 40 inch tires, and this truck has more power and I spend less money on gas now than I did with my Mini Cooper.

I would recommend this truck for anybody. Whoever says this truck gets 10 or twelve miles to the gallon, needs to learn how to drive. Ha.

3rd Jul 2014, 00:58

This truck now has 130,500 miles, and is still running fine.

No major problems after 8 years of daily use.

1966 Chevrolet C10 250 from North America


This is an outstanding vehicle that just won't quit!


The linkage on the column shift has jammed on occasion.

The Rochester B carburetor has to be adjusted frequently. They also need to be overhauled every few years as well. However, they are simple and very inexpensive to rebuild.

When driving in heavy rain, the fan sprays water on to the distributor and wires.

General Comments:

Generally speaking, this vehicle is extremely rugged and dependable. The simplicity of these trucks is the reason they are so good.

The coil springs give this truck a comfortable ride, but make it handle poorly under slippery conditions.

The in line six is pretty good on gas, but is not very fast. It has plenty of torque, and it can handle a good size load.

I am somewhat critical of the fuel tank being in the cab. It takes up what could be storage space, and is rather small at 18 gallons.

This is my second 1966 Chevrolet truck. My first one was a C-30, and had 357,000 miles when I retired it. That is why I got another 1966 Chevrolet, they cannot be beat.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

14th Aug 2006, 11:40

I am the owner of this particular truck, and wanted to add this update.

A large Oak tree fell on the truck, and crushed the cab. I have recently located another 1966 C-10 to replace it.