1974 Chevrolet Camaro Type LT 5.7 from North America


An old friend and I say so long


Replaced the following:

Heater Core (Rusted out after years in storage)

Radiator (Rusted after years in storage)

Headliner (Started to sag after 27 years)

Other than that only tires and battery have been replaced.

General Comments:

I bought my '74 Camaro Type LT the same week the Richard Nixon resigned from office back in August 1974.

The dealer had to locate the vehicle and swap it in for me from a dealership 75 miles away.

My Type LT was yellow with a black top and black interior.

It was equipped with the 5.7 V8, automatic.

Fit and finish were sub par as with most American cars in the mid-70's. Interior and exterior panels had uneven gaps throughout the vehicle. Why the manufacturers didn't take the time to assemble vehicles properly is beyond me.

My Camaro had adequate acceleration. It was a quick vehicle for its time. Handling was okay, but the suspension was geared more for comfort, and it was a very capable highway cruiser.

I took non-stop trips to Nova Scotia and to Virginia Beach in the vehicle.

It was extremely comfortable for these long trips.

One option I wished I had ordered was air conditioning. Back in '74 it just didn't seem very important, but as I grew older it's a must have.

The Camaro was not a practical car. (It wasn't suited for driving in these harsh New England winters).

It was a very nicely styles car. (The 1974 5mph bumpers not withstanding).

I was however an extension of my youth, and I held onto it for 29 years.

I finally sold it in 2002 to someone who I hope has more time to spend with it than I did at that time.

The Camaro like an old friend, was always there.

It's kind of strange to look out into the garage where it stood for decades and see it's gone.

I'll probably never own another Chevrolet, nor another GM product for that matter. But I'll always have fond memories and some pictures hanging on the wall of my 1974 Camaro Type LT.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2004

15th Nov 2004, 13:48

You held onto this Camaro for almost three decades, but you say you will never buy another GM vehicle?

That makes no sense.

15th Nov 2004, 19:15

To respond to your comment about not buying another GM vehicle. I said I'll probably never own another Chevy or GM product, and this is true.

I was 18 years old when I purchased the Camaro. I held onto it not because it was a great car, but because it was a part of my youth.

As far as GM goes, no I probably will never buy another GM

product. In my opinion GM does not build high quality vehicles, neither does Ford for that matter. Other manufacturers build vehicles that better suit my needs.

As far as my statement not making sense? It makes perfect sense to me.

1974 Chevrolet Camaro Type LT 350 from North America


Teen's first taste at Camaro greatness..


This car was perfect. It lasted me almost 6 long hard years of drag racing and 1/4 trials. When I first got the car from my father, I replaced the driver seat. The engine received just very few tune-ups during its time under my ownership. Only time that I had problems was when we didn't change the front axles. They broke during a trip to Los Angeles. This camaro withstood over 16000 miles of abuse.

General Comments:

This car was incredibly fast! My father used this car to defeat a supercharge 1988 Iroc-Z three times out of four in a 1/4 mile contest in Arizona. It had serious handling and could reach 60 in 5 seconds with the flow-masters and stronger camshaft.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2002

14th May 2002, 22:49

16,000 miles of abuse. You must be proud of yourself.

30th Mar 2006, 19:49

My 1974 Camaro Type LT served me well for seven years and 125,000 miles. It gave an incredible smooth and quiet ride, and was reliable on my around-USA and Canada trip. Near its end, it sat low on the (tired) springs and someone told me my engine-front whobbled which, together with the on-going rust, was about time to depart from it. I wished I knew how to take good care of it to extend its life, but it was never abused. Peter from Canada.