1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 LT1 5.7 from North America


Affordable horsepower


The computer died on me.

I had to buy the entire lid of the center console for $70 because the hinges were broken. I wish GM would sell the removable plastic shell underneath the lid that contains the hinges.

I've had to replace the passenger door lock switch because the plastic button cracked.

I replaced the climate control knobs and light knob because the yellow inlays had cracked out.

The driver side seatbelt guide broke. The new one I ordered seems to be sturdier.

The passenger side seat tilt lever broke. They should've used stronger plastic.

I had to buy a whole new power seat switch because one of the knobs was broken off.

General Comments:

I could easily spend a lot more money on fixing little broken plastic pieces in the interior. Most of these pieces aren't cheap.

The engine on this car is strong. I've had no major problems with it. I love it when cars try to tailgate me on the interstate. Within a matter of seconds they are a speck in my rear view mirror.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

1993 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe 3.4L from North America


Whoa, look at that, type of car


I've only had the car 4 months, and I've had to do a lot of maintenance so far.

For starters it came without a stereo or speakers.

The hinge on the center console was broken off.

There were no driving lights.

The glove box lock was broken.

The spark plugs and wires were immediatley replaced, poor prior owner up-keep.

The passenger side window rolls extremely slowly.

The hood looks like its been weathered, no clear coat.

There is a leak in the muffler system, and the factory muffler is rusting out.

The oil pan has a small rust leak.

The passenger side door has been replaced, along with the front fender.

Replaced the front outer tie rods at 160K.

There is a large crack in the dashboard.

The windshield is scraped because the wrong size wipers were used, as a result the drivers side wiper arm needed to be replaced.

The wiper motor was out of place, needed to be re-aligned at 159k.

There is a rip in the drivers side seat.

Came with a bulldog starter kit, that only worked when it wanted to.

The A/C still doesn't work, after repeated attempts to charge it.

General Comments:

Aside from all the problems, I love my Camaro. It really sticks out in a crowd.

I plan on doing a total overhaul on the paint job from red to black, and getting black outs for the front and rear lights.

Changing the muffler and air filter should increase the horsepower, it still is mean for a 3.4.

Not very much people room, but who needs it to be.

Love the power seat.

I just bought snow tires and rims for it, for the good ole' snow.

In general it looks sportier than a mustang, maybe because the roads are littered with 'stangs, they're not individualistic anymore.

I love the looks I get from random people as I drive by, gives you a sense of importance.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2003

2nd Dec 2003, 11:21

Based on your description of the car, I doubt that the looks you are getting are admiration...

8th Dec 2003, 23:14

The OIL PAN has a rust leak? What does the rest of the underside look like? Seriously, before you start spending money on paint and blackouts you should check the running gear and brake lines for corrosion, suspect you will find at least some in need of replacement.

29th Mar 2005, 12:14

Thanks for being honest. Your car sounds like a total pos.

7th Dec 2007, 01:28

I have a 1988 IROC Z28 and it drives like a dream. It is My Panther-mobile Actually. I am very happy I got the Restoration done Last Summer.