3rd Mar 2008, 10:47

I have owned a 1996 Camaro SS for 8+ years. Intake manifold leaks are common in F-bodies and actually fairly inexpensive to fix. Head gasket leaks are uncommon, so I doubt this is the source of your oil leak.

Your car has burned through 4 batteries. Until you find the source of your battery drain (alternator?) stop dropping batteries into this car. Fix the problem, not the symptom!

Sports / muscle cars are not typically designed with reliability as it's strongest attribute. If you want reliability, keep buying Toyotas. Ford Mustangs are no more reliable than Camaros. Any UNBIASED technician will tell you the same. If you must have a sports / muscle car that performs and is noted for reliablity, seek out a C5 or C6 Corvette or a Japanese import (Nissan 350Z or Honda S2000 are good choices). The bottom line? Spend the time and money, within reason, to fix this SS. Once you troubleshoot this car, save it for sunny weekends and pile miles on your Toyota during the week. You are likely paying for the prior owner's neglect with this car. Hang in there!

11th Jul 2008, 00:15

I have another Chevy model, and what's weird is my starter would actually drain my battery cause it was bad. Try getting it checked.

23rd Nov 2008, 23:34

My friend has a 2006 Mustang V6, and has also had battery issues. The car actually died a couple times while he was driving! You want to talk about dangerous?!?!

He however, used a battery charger, and got the problem fixed. His car doesn't even have 20k on it yet...

It isn't uncommon to find a Camaro SS that was abused. I recommend you buy a new car, or maybe one with less than 20k. You never know what the previous driver did to the car...

6th Jan 2009, 15:25

Hey man, I really think you've just had bad luck with the used car. I own a 2000 Z28 and have had almost no problems with the car, other than a few of my own doing, which were my fault for modding out the car, and just driving it way too hard.

The window motors going out are a known issue with these cars, so you would have noticed this if you did some research.

Now my dad owns a 95 Corvette, and he's had I think a total of 4 problems with it since he bought it, and the car now has almost 300k miles on it because he just drives and drives it. The only things he has replaced are the radiator once, the water pump once, and the heads once, because while he was having problems with the radiator, he let the car get too hot and warped them. The problems occurred over a time of probably 10 or 12 years now. This is fantastic for any car with over 200k miles on it, so don't knock GM as a whole because you had some insanely bad luck with one car.

30th Mar 2009, 10:59

You can't trash the car or GM for someone elses abuse. Obviously this car was beat on before you received it and 65K is a lot of miles if you drive the car hard. I have seen 5.0 Mustangs with under 10K miles on them with a second set of tires on the rear worn out from abuse... Always be thorough in your purchasing process when buying a high performance car used. I wouldn't even think of buying a Camaro with over 20K miles on it and it would only be from the original owner who was obsessed with taking care of it. You spend more up front but save money down the road on cars like that. Did you carfax it? Sounds like it may be an accident car if the steering rack broke and you have leaks.