2000 Chevrolet Camaro V6 3.8 petrol from North America


Not bad, but get a V8


Lots but mostly just maintenance. Some minor electronic issues. Also the fuel tank leaked and had to be replaced, and what a nightmare it was getting that out.

General Comments:

Good looking car, love this generation Camaro. Sharp in bright red.

V6 with the auto is not fast, as everyone always says, get the V8 if you want performance. It is however a smooth comfortable cruiser, and gets reasonable MPG.

My car has surprisingly little rust for over 20 years old, so will hang on to it as a daily driver for as long as possible. It has been a reliable car, but I look after it well, and have had it a long time.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2022

24th Jul 2022, 03:18

Thanks for the review!!!

The 3.8 (Buick engine) F-Bodys (Camaro/Firebird) are not rocket-sled fast by today's standards, but they are a MAJOR improvement over the 3.4 (Chevrolet engine) V6 that proceeded them in terms of not only performance but reliability as well. Enjoy it and please keep in touch!!!

24th Jul 2022, 16:13

Good point. In all fairness, I would also say that the 3800 is more reliable than the LS V8 which were used in these cars.

27th Jul 2022, 15:26

Can the same be said for the V6 Mustang (from the same time period) in regards to the points made in the review and comments?

27th Jul 2022, 20:55

The V6 Mustang from the same time period used a 3.8 V6 for its base engine which was prone to head gasket failure.

31st Jul 2022, 01:31


31st Jul 2022, 01:32

As time went on, the 3.8 Ford cleaned up its act (1999 and up).

2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7 LS1 from North America


Get in, shut up, hold on!


Front markers fill up with water and crack bulbs (drilling tiny holes to let water out works, but still happens occasionally).

Park brake switch needs to be cleaned to turn warning light in dash on.

Left power window motor failed (at a car wash of course).

Rear defroster has never worked.

VATS system (security pellet in key) intermittently malfunctioned, causing a no-start (bypassed vats with a resistor).

Piston slap.

Replaced leaking differential input seal.

Oil in coolant (had a short block before I bought it so head gasket likely).

Occasionally the airbag light stays on till you restart it.

Fuel gauge sending unit has not worked for six months.

Front rotors warp very easily (three brake jobs in a year, but I drive hard).

General Comments:

Despite the above problems, I love this car. Best bang for buck hands down.

I am not a street racer, but the Hondas with fart pipes don't even try! The only cars who try to race me spent 4X as much money, which makes me laugh!

If I wasn't a mechanic, I don't think I could afford to have someone else maintain it though. It is definitely high maintenance, but turning heads and getting put back in the seat are worth it.

Despite the fact that it has granny rear end gears, it still pulls like crazy! I have seen the traction control light blip on numerous times when it shifts into 2nd at wot. I'll keep the granny gears though, as I recently got stupidly good mileage on a leg of a 800 mile road trip (30.95 mpg us) at 70 MPH! I even got 25ish in heavy traffic doing 30-80mph!

I have a Dynomax cat back (bullet race system) that has a little glasspack for a muffler, run synthetic oil, and inflated tires to 38 psi, so this might be why I smoked the US EPA estimate of 25mpg. Maybe my car is a freak or something, I honestly calculated it three times because I didn't believe it. My trip meter was identical to my trip meter on my GPS too. Only down side is premium fuel, but I knew that when I bought it.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2009

3rd Feb 2012, 01:00

Well I traded the Camaro a month and a half ago with 230,000 km on it for a 96 Dodge 2500 diesel. So far I think I have made a big (8800lb GVWR big) mistake. I have spent more in the last month fixing the Dodge than I think I ever spent on the Camaro. I traded a beautiful machine for a steaming pile of Dukie. At least it will hold its value so I can trade it for another Chevy or a Ford. Yeah, I'm not brand loyal, but this will be my last Chrysler. It sounds good and can blow black smoke, but it ain't a Camaro.